Introducing the Inverter: A Simple Device To Charge Your Devices on a Road Trip


Going on a road trip is all about the experience you can have away from your house. You’re seeing new places and sharing this memory with your family. But even on your road trip, you still need to use your phone or laptop for various reasons, and we all know that their battery doesn’t last forever. What can one do when they need to charge their devices while they’re away from home? Using an inverter is the right answer. It lets you charge multiple devices at once, so everyone on the trip will have a full battery at all times. 

Here’s why an inverter is a wonderful idea and why you should consider one. 

150W – 2000W Inverters – What Makes Them So Helpful on a Road Trip?

Power inverters are devices that allow you to convert the DC power of the car into AC electricity, which can be used to charge your devices. It turns the power of the car into the same type of electricity you have in your home. Getting this type of AC power will let you connect multiple types of equipment that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to use on the road trip, such as a small TV.

Inverters all come in different power outputs. They start with 150W and can go as high as 2000W. 150W is great if you have light power supply purposes, such as charging your phone or charging/running your laptop. These inverters come with a limited number of outlets and USB ports, so they are useful when there aren’t too many devices you need to power or charge at the same time. 

There are also inverters that come with higher power outputs, such as 300W, 600W, 1000W, or 2000W. The more power you need at once, the higher the power output needs to be. If you calculate the power necessary to run or charge your intended device, then you can determine the power output of the inverter you need to buy. 

That being said, when you own a power inverter with higher power output, you’ll have the opportunity to charge or run multiple devices or appliances. Thus, you can power cameras, laptops, phones, and even drones. What’s cool about inverters is that they can even power devices that you cannot charge from 12 volts, and this includes most professional cameras or laptops. 

What Are the Best Inverters?

When it comes to inverters, you can pick between modified sine wave inverters or pure sine wave inverters. The best option is the pure sine wave inverter, and rightfully so because it has a lot of benefits. That doesn’t mean that modified sine wave inverters are terrible or anything of the sort – it’s just that pure sine wave inverters have some advantages compared to their counterparts. 

Here are some reasons why pure sine wave inverters are simply better than modified sine wave inverters:

  • A pure sine wave is much cleaner compared to modified sine. Because of that, it’s much closer to the grid supply electricity and will work better with your devices. It has less harmonic distortion, which means it’s going to be easier to consume overall.
  • Pure sine wave inverters have the power to reduce the electrical noise that may often be caused by television, fans, audio equipment, and anything of the sort, while modified sine waves will produce harmonic distortion and more significant interference.
  • Devices with inductive electric loads will perform at lower temperatures if powered by pure sine wave inverters.
  • Modified sine wave inverters might end up damaging devices or appliances like microwave ovens, bread makers, course alarm clocks, VCRs, or coffee makers. This won’t happen with pure sine wave inverters.
  • Pure sine wave inverters are built using state-of-the-art technology. Meanwhile, modified sine wave inverters are built through old technology

Final Thoughts

If you’re on the road experiencing an amazing overlanding adventure with your friends, you definitely need an inverter. It will make the trip better and ensure that your devices can be powered or charged even if you don’t have your home outlets. As long as you pick the right power output, you can rest assured that the inverter will be worth it. Make sure to look up some products and read some reviews to purchase the best inverter for overlanding