How To Fix Up Multi-user Network


One of the advantageous features of QuickBooks is that multiple users can work on a single file concurrently. This keeps a lot of time and money. This feature develops collaboration and fecundity. To do this all users must have permission and they must all be on the network. we are running to learn the steps to set up the multi-user network for QuickBooks desktop. If you require any support while implementing the steps below, you can communicate QuickBooks Payroll Support Phone Number where our professional experts will resolve all your attention.  Follow the movement in the form given below.

Movement  1:- Download and fix QuickBooks Desktop
  • Review your computer system that faces the system specification to download QuickBooks.
  • Download your Desktop version of QuickBooks from Intuit’s established website.
  • Have your goods and license number available with you.
  • Start QuickBooks exe on your computer system and track the on-screen directions to install QuickBooks on your computer system.
  • after Next install, open QuickBooks
  • Click the Help menu and pick Activate QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Instantly follow the Computer system onscreen instructions to activate it.
Movement 2: Fix Up folder subscriptions to share company files.
  1. Fix folder subscriptions
  2. Right-click the folder containing the Business company file and tick Properties.
  3. Choose Progress on the Protection tab.
  4. Choose Quickbooks Data Service UserXX and select Edit.

Provide the following setting

  • Traverse folder / execute the file
  • List folder/read the data
  • View features
  • Read lengthened properties
  • Create a file/write the data
  • Create a folder/add on data
  • Write attribute
  • Write lengthened attributes
  • View Subscriptions

Change the folder permissions

  1. hold Windows + E on your keyboard to open Files Explorer.
  2. Right-click the origin folder, and then click on the Properties option.
  3. the Security tab, select All.
  4. Choose Full Control> Apply > OK.
Movement 3: Configure Firewall and Internet Network Security Settings for QuickBooks Desktop

When you operate QuickBooks File Doctor it automatically opens the firewall gate. It can be utilized for the automated configuration of firewall settings.

Movement 4: Fix up QuickBooks Database Server Manager and examine your data file
  • Establish QuickBooks Database Server Manager
  • You want to close all operating programs including QuickBooks on your computer server.
  • Find and establish the downloaded file exe.
  • trace the computer system onscreen instructions.
  • Click the Custom or Network option in the Established Type, and then click Next. Do not click on the express
  • You want to pick the most suitable option for your network setup and then click on Next.
  • If you require a Database Server Manager and QuickBooks Desktop on your computer server,  will utilize QuickBooks Desktop on this computer server and will do the storage.
  • If you only require a Database Server Manager on your computer server, choose not to use QuickBooks Desktop …
  • Now trace the bottom of the guidance from the screen. Once completed click install.
  • Allot whether Windows requests for permission.
  • Examine your folders
  • hold the Windows key and write QuickBooks Database Server Manager in the search box and begin it.
  • Click on the scan folder
  • Choose Browse and select the Quickbooks Online files that contain your company data file.
  • Click ok if Completed. Now click on start Examine.
Movement 5: Append Windows Administrator rights to enable configuration of multi-user access

Append or create a Windows user with administrator rights

Windows 10

  • Start menu> Settings> select account> picked a group and other users
  • Click Append Another on this Desktop from the Other Users segment.
  • Choose I do not have this person’s sign-in message at the back of the page, and then click Append a user externally a Microsoft account.
  • Enter login Details
  • Click on the Finish.
  • Present administrator prerogatives to the new users.
  • Pick Newly Create Accounts> Account Type.
  • Select the Administrator from the drop-down option.
  • then Click OK to save the modifications.

Windows server

  • Windows Server 2012
  • On your keyboard, Hold Ctrl + R to start the run command.
  • write the Server Manager and then select OK.
  • Select Tools> Computer Management> Local Users and Groups> Groups

Admin Group> and then Double-click

  • Insert account name to append to the local admin group
  • Click on OK.

Grant Administrator Authorities to QuickBooks Desktop Database System Users

First of all, stop the QuickBooks desktop and start the user account from the control panel. trace the tracks under below for Windows 10, 8 and Server 2012:

  • on the keyboard, Hold,  write the Windows key and then user accounts.
  • Press on the Enter option.
  • Choose to maintain Another Account.
  • Double-click (QuickbooksDataServiceUserXX) for your QuickBooks desktop version

                        QuickBooks Desktop 2k18 QBDataServiceUser28

  • QuickBooks Desktop 2k17 QBDataServiceUser27
  • QuickBooks Desktop 2k16 QBDataServiceUser26

Choose Change Account Type> Admin> Change Account Type

Movement 6: Open a company data file that is placed on a remote computer

Establish QuickBooks Database Manager on Remote Computer

  • From the QuickBooks File menu and then click to Switch to Multi-User Mode.
  • Select Yes in the Multi-User Hosting Setup Necessary window.
  • Select OK on the multi-user service knowledge window.
  • Append the needed user from the company> fix user and password> fix user> Append user.
  • Then find the open company file
  • From the File menu, click on Open or Restore Company.
  • Open a company data file, then the choose on Next.
  • Locate and open a company file (with file extension .qbw)

If asked, enter your login credentials.

Movement  7: Turn on Hosting

Turn on hosting only for the computer where the company data file is collected or the host computer.

  • From the File menu option, choose Utilities.
  • Click Host Multi-User Access.
  • Tap yes to the confirmation window.


In this blog, we talked about the topic of fixing multi-user networks and I hope that all these movements will help to fix multi-user networks. and Quickbooks Support Number is always available to solve any type of technical glitches that can occur while performing the above Movement. The helpline is open any time round the clock to give your most tolerant support for failures related to any issues.