How to Block Ads on Kissanime?

How to Block Ads on Kissanime

While watching our favourite anime show, we can’t bear obnoxious ads and pop-ups. Ads while watching videos annoy a lot. In order to earn money, a lot of websites monetize their platform. One of the most famous ad-supported anime movie or show streaming platform is KissAnime. The platform without a doubt has a vast collection of animated movies, shows and series in HD format. The platform provides free streaming of animated series. One drawback of this platform is that it is ad-supported. Users claim that ads on KissAnime annoy a lot and make movie streaming irritating. Ads on KissAnime has reached an unbearable level. In every three seconds, one tends to see ad pop-ups on KissAnime.

Can’t wait to watch One Punch Man’s latest episode or other anime Marathon that you wanted to watch since ages, but Kissanime is a disaster, with terrible advertisements and pop-ups? We accept moderate advertising and support free content websites, but KissAnime sometimes crosses a line, seeking to make money by irritating its users. In order to help you block ads on KissAnime, we’ve brought this blog for you. Here in this blog, we are going to share the best ways to block irritating ads on KissAnime.

How to Block KissAnime ads on PC?

There are various ways that can be followed to block ads on KissAnime and its alternative websites. With the help of Adblockers, whether extensions or applications, you can block annoying ads on KissAnime easily. Kissanime has adblocker detection script, which restricts access to content on its website by detecting ad blockers in seconds. So, it’s obvious to use a good adblocker. One of the best ad blockers is AdLock that detects ads in seconds and blocks them. AdLock ill make streaming uninterrupted on KissAnime.

By adding the KissAnime extension in your web browser, you can block annoying ads within seconds. When you launch the application, AdLock blocks ads automatically. Default settings for all forms of advertising content on your browsers and smartphones are designed to be disabled, but you can change an ad blocker to suit your needs. You should add its URL to AdLock Domains Exclusions if you don’t want a website to be ad-free. Click Add Domain Name and enter a URL in that format: With AdLock your can enjoy unlimited animated movies on KissAnime without interruption.

There is another way to block ads on KissAnime and this is by using a “Stylish” CSS Theme Customizer as an ad removing method. Through these themes, you can remove annoying ads to watch videos and surf websites without any interruption. This method works perfectly fine.

How to get rid of KissAnime ads on Android device?

If you want to watch animated movies or series on KissAnime on your Android device, then you’ve got two options to get rid of those annoying ads:

1. You can buy KissAnime Premium Subscription;

2. Or download AdLock for Android.

There is a prime membership for streaming animated shows on KissAnime without pop-up ads. The prime membership for KissAnime starts from $5/month. But if you don’t want to spend money, then there is another solution called AdLock. Download AdLock application on your Android device and get rid of annoying ad pop-up on KissAnime without paying a single penny.

Final words

KissAnime is without a doubt an amazing online animated movie streaming platform with a huge collection of Animated content. The website has a user-friendly interface and a unique layout design. The only thing that irritates the users while surfing KissAnime is ad pop-ups. We understand that watching online videos with ads and the pop-up is very annoying. By using Adblocker extension in your browser or application in your device, you can easily block ads on KissAnime. Premium adblockers like AdLock provide the best leisure while watching movies and surfing the internet by removing all commercial advertisements across the web. You must add AdLock in your web browser and download its app in your smartphone to get rid of advertisements.