Get answers to all the Dedicated Server Hosting Queries


While selecting the right web hosting service for your website you stumble upon so many of them. The amount of options may overwhelm and a little bit of misguidance may reflect on your choice. So we are here to make you get acquainted will all the details of dedicated server hosting that would be the best choice for your continuously growing business.

What are the dedicated servers?

A dedicated server is a personal server completely dedicated to a single website or application. One can consider it as a upgraded model of a shared server. Hence, when your business enterprise goes through an expansion the server also needs the upgrade to support that expansionin your business. 

Also, a small business in its initial days can survive very easily on shared resources. But once the business is out of its incubation period, the kind of flexibility it demands cannot be supported by a shared server. Thus, comes the dedicated server in the picture. That becomes the best option as requirements shoot immediately and things will go out of hand if these are not going to be met in time. 

A dedicated server hosting plan brings out the best results and justifies all the extra money invested when compared to a shared server hosting server. Due to this, the costs incurred in adopting a dedicated server model doesn’t act to be its drawback any more once you start receiving the numbers in terms of profit as well as end users.

You must switch to dedicated hosting if you fall under even one of the following circumstance-

  • If you are anticipating that your website is going to experience an increase in traffic or is going to go under expansion sooner or later
  • If your website is the one that deals and takes care of sensitive information, then security is a big concern. A shared server will not be any better for your website then.
  • You want optimum page loading times which cannot be achieved through a shared server.
  • You don’t want the control on your website to be given to someone else for any dimension concerned.

To fulfill all these needs all at the same time requires a powerful set of features to work out for your website. Let’s go through these features one by one-

1# The best-operating system-

An exceptional operating system is the core essence of any dedicated server. You get plenty of options and freedom in the world to choose whichever operating system that may meet your website requirements at its best. Each operating system is made and designed to suit separate businesses. Like some may perform their best on Linux Server OS or the other may on a Ubuntu distribution. Butit is also that you dedicated hosting provider you have trusted your services with has the provision for the OS your business needs. Dedicated server hosting provider can also help you in suggesting the appropriate OS and plans related to it that comes under your budget.

2# Configuration of your server

Selecting the best OS is not just enough for your business, there are other things as well of which you to care of. Each and every OS comes with minimum 2 or 3 configurations or versions. Selecting the right configuration is also equally important task.Taking control over your server will become easy with the right configuration selected. Full root access to SSH (Secure Shell) and RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). 

3# A myriad of hardware choices-

One of the reasons behind dedicated server hosting being expensive is the multiple of hardware choices they bring on the table. A good hardware setup is the one that is powered by optimum capacity and capability to perform at its best during testing times. Hardware specifications like size of the RAM, type of RAM, cores, Hard disk capacity, bandwidth, etc. Hard disk type is another very integral role factor for your business. Hence, the best way to tackle this is by observing the needs very closely and match with the kind of hard disk is required for your business to run smoothly. Both HDD and SSD serve different purposes and thus is suitable for separate kinds of businesses. HDDs are mostly cheaper than SSDs but are embedded with more storage space. So if storage space is your only concern then definitely select the HDD as your hard disk type and enjoy its ample amount of storage space. But if you are looking for faster, durable and a hard disk that consumes less energy for the similar complexity of work, then SSD is the hard disk type for you.

4# Multiple control panel options- 

It’s near to impossible to find any website these days operating without a control panel. Websites operating at elementary level might not require a specialised control panel but there are very few such websites left these days. With dedicated server hosting you need not to worry about the control panel that would best suit your website or application. The onus lies on your dedicated server hosting provider to collaborate with one of the world’s leading control panels and incorporate the same.

#5 Security- 

There are many software and websites that have to deal with sensitive data on a daily basis. Websites dealing with money transactions or bank details are one such websites. These websites cannot be left at vulnerable state.These are the only ones that have more rivalsdue to the competition and the probability of getting damaged through security threats is also more. Hence, while selecting your dedicated server hosting provider security feature should be the priority.

Features like advanced firewalls, DDoS protection, web application security and malware protection are more than enough to keep your website secured. SSL certificate is the first point of surety to security; hence never go for those hosting providers that deny providing SSL certificate.

#6 Server Management- 

Server management acts very crucial when it comes to the smooth running of the business. Now the question arises is what improves the smoothness of the business? The features like timely OS updates, patching, application installations, and proper server monitoring are the ones that act as the fore frontier. Good server management will be a constant doctor required for your dedicated server and will be responsible for taking care of all the emergencies.

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#7 Dedicated technical support-

 As the name suggests dedicated server hosting is equipped with world class 24/7 support. The technical support that your server needs at any time of the day or month and troubleshooting these issues on time is all taken care of.

I hope we have been successful in clearing all your doubts related to dedicated hosting. So now before it’s too late to grab your suitable one, go get it. You will be happy to see your business touching exceptional results.