Features Of PDFBear That You Need To Know For Your PDF File


If you haven’t yet heard about PDFBear, then you should read this article. You will know some of PDFBear’s best features for your PDF file. So, if you face difficulties with your PDF files right now, you should visit PDFBear immediately.

Merge PDF

Do you already have a lot of things to take care of and don’t want that some of your PDF files to be lost or misplaced? You should try PDFBear’s Merge PDF feature to help you combine your PDF files very easily. You don’t need to bother handling multiple PDF files; you can combine them and have one copy of it.

The advantages of using PDFBear’s PDF Merge is that it will provide excellent quality, and you will be confident that all of your PDF files will be safe and nothing will be lost in the process of combining them. Compared to the other converter tool, you can do PDF merge without paying anything at all, and you can do all of these in all types of operating systems.

Split PDF

In Split PDF, you can separate specific pages fo your PDF file into individual files. Splitting PDF files is very handy, especially if you want to send a particular page to your co-worker or friend, and it will not take too much space since you didn’t include all the pages of the PDF file. You can also do this feature if you want to split pages to be more organized.

Using PDFBear’s Split PDF, it has two types of functions which you can do, the first one is to split PDF files to individual pages, and the other one is that you can extract or remove a page from your original PDF document of file. You also don’t need to worry about your files when you upload it to PDFBear, since they will automatically delete it right away.

The great thing about Split PDF and PDFbear’s other features is that you can use them anywhere and anytime. The system of PDFBear is optimized to work and run to any type of device. To know how PDF Splitting works, first go to there site, and find Split PDF, there you can select a PDF file you want to split, the system will do the process for you.

Compress PDF

Have you heard or tried to experience sending a file using your email but is not successful because your file or PDF file is too heavy or takes too much space. That’s because, if not all, but most emails have limits on how heavy your file should be sent. IF that’s the case, you don’t need to worry, since PDFBear’s Compress PDF feature or tool will fix your problem.

Compressing a PDF file using PDFBear is very easy and straightforward, first, you need to go to their site, and try to find Compress PDF. When you are already on the right tool, you can now select or drag and drop the PDF file that you want. There will be some options that will be given to you, and you pick which option you want.

After selecting your preferred option for your PDF file, PDFBear’s system will analyze and will start compressing your PDF file in just minutes. PDFBear will notify you if your PDF file is complete, you can now either share your file or download it. It is a convenient feature that PDFBear is giving to everyone for free without any charge.

Protect PDF

Last but not least, Protect PDF. If you want your important files to be secured, you should try using PDFBear’s Protect PDF; it will allow you to add a password to your PDF file so that no one can easily access your information. Just to PDFBear’s site and select Protect PDF to try this feature.


Nobody thought that PDFBear could do all of these things to help you with your PDF files. It can make your work more comfortable, and at the same time, it provides excellent security for all of your essential files. PDFBear still has more features that you can try, go directly to their site, and enjoy their quality service.