Cloud Computing — Microsoft Azure and its Services


Cloud Computing is one of the top recent tech tendencies that are sure to dominate the market. Its demand is getting higher due to the tech giants that are investing in cloud computing and providing the best services. Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and many others are in this race now.

No doubt, there is an expense to transform traditional infrastructure into a cloud. But this is a one-time investment and results are really fruitful. Among all, Microsoft’s Azure is getting more reputation. There are many reasons for it but here we’ll not discuss how he is competing Google and Amazon. In this article, we’ll discuss the services that an Azure cloud can provide.

Before shifting to the Azure cloud, one must know how to work on Azure and what are the requirements for it. A business need not to worry about all this, Microsoft resolved this problem as well. Az-201, az-203 and many other certifications by Microsoft are enough to understand and implement cloud.

Az-203, az-103, and others, all have different concepts to understand and utilize the cloud in a more advanced and efficient way. For instance, az-203 is for Developing solutions for Microsoft Azure and az-900 is to understand the fundamental concepts of Azure.

Here are some services that Azure provide to their users.

Media and Content Delivery Network (CDN): CDN include encoding, media playback, digital rights protection, on-demand streaming, and indexing.

Identity and Access Management(IAM): Only authorized users can access Azure services if these services are installed on the cloud. These services protect sensitive information and all the data on the cloud because only authorized users can access it. Encryption keys are also protected with the help of these services.

These services can protect data and deter fraud via multifactor authentication (MFA).

Hybrid Integration: Hybrid integration is used to connect public and private clouds. Hybrid services are also used for site recovery in any case. These services are responsible to take backup for the cloud.

Internet of Things (IoT): Internet of Things services in the cloud is very helpful for its users. It helps users to capture, monitor and analyze data. The Internet of Things includes various services. Such as monitoring, notifications, and analytics. Support for coding and execution of the code is also part of this service.

Security: Security related products in the cloud are responsible to identify threats to a cloud and combat against all types of frauds. These products are capable to identify and prevent cyber threats. They also manage all sensitive information on the cloud, secure them and manage encryption keys as well.

Development: Using various services of cloud, application developers can gain a lot of benefits such as sharing of code and application testing. These services are also capable of tracking potential issues in the application and integration.

A range of application programming languages are supported by cloud such as .NET, JavaScript, Node.js, and Python. Advanced tools in this category support many other platforms such as Software Development Kits (SDKs), Visual Studio and blockchain.

Containers: In the Azure cloud, an enterprise can do a lot of things. An enterprise can manage the huge volume of containers in Azure by creating, registering and managing this data online. Kubernetes and Docker are very common platforms for this purpose.

Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning(ML): Artificial intelligence and machine learning are more advanced now. Experts are still exploring more features of this technology and there is much yet to be discovered. To infuse machine learning, a developer can use a wide range of services for datasets.

Ending Thoughts:

Many organizations believe that using the cloud is risky. To support their argument they can give you a valid reason about data in someone’s hand. But this is a lame excuse now as there are many reputed cloud providers such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.

If you want your business to avail a lot of free benefits and get rid of server management, cloud is the best option for you. As an individual, you can start a bright career after getting any reputed cloud certification such as az-203.

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