Brett Parker SAP – Let’s choose not to be the Victims


Brett Parker, SAP’s Former CEO, explains how 4IR is shaking up the future for all of us.

We need to get this out first. Technology is for us to have a better life, not for it to control us. Technology is a tremendous force that has been evolving to better our lives, better communication and for pure practicality. Since its inception, the whole purpose has been for it to work for us, not us to work for it. Every day we make important decisions on what we share online, what we take in, and what we do with mobile phones. As citizens and business people, we have to look after each other. The fourth industrial revolution is here, and it’s up to us to make the best out of it. Presently we have the opportunity and power to mold it to our benefit.

Keep in mind concerning the fourth Industrial Revolution:

When it comes to our lives and how technology impacts our way of lives. “It’s not like the old days when things would be forgotten within a couple of days. Now news goes viral within minutes damaging businesses, corporations, and personal reputation”, says Brett Parker SAP.

It’s tough to process, and it has to be done worldwide as we are all connected. Technology now impacts not only our lives but the economy, job cultures, social interactions and just overall human communication. Think about it, how new inventions are coming up every single day impacting and remodeling our lives and future.

We are discussing the future of 4th IR in our future world. Brett Parker SAP, the former CEO, he said that he was not that optimistic about the impact social media is having on society. We must take bold action about the fourth industrial revolution, where it’s going because it’s dehumanizing the world. People are becoming robots and are depriving themselves of the essence of humanity. We need to create more empathy and control as humans. When we become more creative and have more understanding, we will let humankind to the next level. Then we should all share the same destiny and figure out how to make things work.

We, as a society, must understand the impact of the fourth industrial revolution, and we must create awareness of the changes as well as prepare ourselves for when the New World comes. Developing new skills to adapt to the New World changes socially, mentality, and physically. We must have a social responsibility, and we must consider all the disadvantages as well to solve how people adapt to the change. Our ultimate goal as human beings has to be an adaptation to technology and how we must control the evolution of the fourth industrial revolution for it to not control us. It’s all about how we manage ourselves, as time passes; we will know the pros and how to avoid the cons.

“Keep in mind, this is technology, and it’s meant and was created to make our lives easier not to make complication”, by Brett Parker SAP.

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