Best Stylus Pens as an Alternative for Apple Pencil

Stylus Pens

The time has passed for pen and paper. We are now in the modern age, and we have to adapt to the changing of times. We now heavily rely on our touch screen devices such as smartphones, tablets, and even laptops now have a touch screen feature. The mere existence of these capacitive touch screen platforms has changed the writing habits of the majority.

The most popular of them are the iPads, which are used for various purposes but can give stronger propositions when paired with a stylus pen. Yes, the company offers its very own stylus pen called the Apple Pencil. Still, many other alternatives are much cheaper and affordable that fit a person’s preferences.

Since there are many varieties of stylus pens being sold, choosing the best alternative stylus pen can prove difficult to do. To make things easier for you, we will give you X stylus pens that can be a great alternative for Apple Pencil. 

Stylus Pen

To help you choose the best stylus pen, we will give you information on each stylus pen on this list. But first, what is a stylus pen, anyway? Well, a stylus pen is shaped like a pen that can absorb current. It can be used on various touch screen devices such as tablets and smartphones, or use it to create drawings and navigate the menu settings on touchscreens that answer pressure. 

The stylus pen’s tip is detectable by your device’s screen, just like how it detects the pressure when you press with your fingers. You should also know that stylus pens have two types, and each type has distinct compatibility and construction. These two types are known as Capacitive and Active, and you should know what their differences are.


The Capacitive stylus pen’s tip is made of foam or rubber and aims to recreate a human finger. Although some stylus pens also use metals such as copper. A Capacitive stylus pen can be used on any multi-touch surface that can also detect your fingers, including capacitive screens that you usually find on tablets and smartphones.

This stylus pen does not require any power source. It is made from a conductive material such as a metal barrel or rod that would transfer electrical charges between the material used for the tip and your hand. Manufacturing this type costs less since they don’t have any digital components. Creating your very own Capacitive stylus pen can be achievable with materials found at home.


Active stylus pens manufacturers have dissimilar protocols when associating with the digitizer of a certain device. The digital protocol must suit the digitizer of the device. If not, it wouldn’t be able to acknowledge the actions of your stylus pen. These are protocols that are used in active stylus pens:

  • Wacom EMR
  • Universal Stylus Initiative (USI)
  • Bluetooth
  • Microsoft Pen Protocol (MPP)
  • Apple Pencil Active Projected Capacitive (APC)
  • Wacom AES 2.0 and 1.0

Without further ado, here are some alternatives that you can get for yourself instead of an Apple Pencil. 

Friendly Swede 4-in-1 Stylus

The Friendly Swede 4-in-1 Stylus Pen is a perfect match for digital artists. When talking about the construction, the Friendly Swede 4-in-1 Stylus comes with an aluminum finish and resembles a normal pen. You can easily carry it inside your pencil case, or even inside your pocket. It comes with four different tips:

  • Micro-knit Fiber – used for general stylus use.
  • Precision Disc – this tip is great when you need precise and accurate fine-line drawing.
  • Paintbrush – the paintbrush tip works like a real paintbrush which makes it a perfect tool in attaining the perfect painting.
  • Regular ballpoint pen – works like a regular pen and is perfect when taking down notes on your smartphone, iPad, or tablet.

Each tip can be replaced, and the package comes with replacements tips. However, you should not look forward to having the same level of sensitivity or responsiveness characterized by premium stylus pens.

Adonit Mark

The brand Adonit is known to be one of the most famous and the best manufacturers of stylus pens today. They have various styles, and one of which is the Adonit Mark. It gives you great precision when sketching, drawing, or writing on your iPads. One feature that makes it stand out is its structure, which is built from anodized aluminum. It gives you a clean end product and a good grip.

The Adonit Mark does not require any battery charging and is ready to use whenever and wherever you want as soon as you take it out of its packaging. With all these said, the Adonit Mark enables you to draw, sketch, navigate with ease.

Meko Universal Stylus

As the name commercializes itself, this stylus pen is an all-purpose that can be used with various touch screen devices such as iPhones, Android smartphones, Kindle, iPads, and many more. The Meko Universal Stylus is made from stainless steel and aluminum, which gives you a real non-plastic pen-like touch. The length is 5.5 inches, and a tube measurement of 9 millimeters across, which gives you a pleasant hand grip.

The Meko Universal Stylus has a clear disk that enables the users to see where you position your drawing marks with precise accuracy. The packaging also includes replacements that you can use to replace your stylus pen tips.

Elzo 3-in1 Stylus 

The Elzo 3-in-1 stylus pen is a great alternative to Apple Pencil because it is cost-efficient. It has three tips that you can use on various touch screen devices:

  • Gel pen – functions like a real pen.
  • Precision disc – for tasks that need precision.
  • Soft nanofiber – used for general stylus use.

The Elzo 3-in-1 stylus is made with an aluminum body and a soft grip that gives comfort with whatever you’re doing. It isn’t limited to being used on an iPad but is also compatible with various devices such as Android devices.


Stylus pens are an excellent investment if you heavily use touchscreen devices, whether you use it for school or work. It is very easy to use and gives you a much better input. Each stylus pen gives you different performance and features. So, always do some research before diving in.Read: It’s an android app there is no pc version MI Drop for PC. You will add this software to your PC , such as bluestacks, Nox game player, Memu using an android emulator.