Best safes for your offices


Protect your place of work from robbery, fire and so on, providing an advanced security system, safety is simply the investment to prevent criminals or unauthorized access to your workplace.

If you want to add a little additional security in your work, you are buying a secure office to provide the most precious for theft and the loss of fire and so on. You can rent safe deposit boxes in the bank, buy a secure offices, or place some authentication device or advance on our workplace to protect the valuable office buildings you have to choose between.

There is no need for security in the real world. In this mystical place, robbers will never break into our offices and we will never simply misplace an expensive family heirloom or, say, a certificate of birth. The real world requires safeguards for any company that cares about safe goods over robbery, damage or loss…

AdirOffice Home Safe

AdirOffice Home Safe comes with a wireless locking system in black 2.32 cubic feet. You will build your electronic code through the keyboard to provide simple and safe, secure storage, using steel construction to provide long-lasting capability and use throughout the years.

It includes two override keys, allowing you to access your valuables securely even when you forget your passcode or remove your keyboard batteries.

The safety includes 2 live-door locks, pry-resistant steel and pry-resistant opaque hinges in red, black and white available in 3 different sizes in a Digital display such as locked, unlocked and low battery signs.


The greatest money in Dropbox digital electronics has been the value from Digital Technology as a cash box. The gate is typical of a slot to smooth the currency in the door, which has a rough 2 “thickness, and which is sufficiently large to accommodate two ledges inside.

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Constructed of thick solid metal, the Digital access Master key included with the Digital entry Master key with obsolete or missing passwords. PINs are available for 3 to 8 digit coding. Secret lock and two keys are included. The PIN system is designed with a 3 to 8 digit length.

Best fireproof: Sentry safe, fireproof, and waterproof Safe

Sentry Safe is built to withstand temperatures up to 1.700 ° F for one hour, fireproof and waterproof. For no more than 350 ° F the interior is stable. The security material will still be safe when the fire department comes to hose it, because it is also water resistant even when it finishes sittling.

Barska’s huge keyboard space safe gives it a wide range of protections including certain for businesses and offices such as this data safety. The safe can hold two digit pin codes and can be unlocked with a button if your batteries are dead, too. This version is equipped with a large keyboard, but Barska keeps it simple with a standard keyboard.