Are Zero Turn Mowers Worth The Money?

Zero Turn Mowers

Zero Turn Mowers are the newest type of lawn mowers available in the market. They are gradually taking over the lawn mowing industry.Their key feature that separates them from regular mowers is that they offer a zero turn radius meaning that you can turn your mower on its spot. With amazing maneuverability, the mowers offer great control and cutting speed. The issue with zero turn mowers, however, is that they come in all different sizes and price points and exhibit different features. In this article we will discuss 

Most mowers are equipped with powerful engines to run the mower and take care of the mowing. Zero turn mowers are specially designed to suit various needs and thus no single mower can be a good option for all cases. To get the best zero turn mowing experience, it is important to understand your requirements and then buy a mower accordingly. 

Not only large spaces but zero turn mowers are also built at a residential level. They offer the manjuerverbility of handheld mowers and the cutting speed of generic riding mowers. This hybrid makes them a really powerful and versatile machine. 

Zero turn mowers are quite different from regular vehicles in terms of their driving mechanisms. Although regular zero turn mowers with steering wheels exist, generally zero turn mowers have a couple handlebars that control the mower and the steering. Definitely the most unique feature, this has its own advantages and disadvantages. The basic advantage being that this makes the maneuvering very fast and smooth at the same time. 

However, this different system does not come naturally to some users who struggle to familiarize themselves with this  technique. Another disadvantage of this feature is that this makes the mower weaker on slopes and wet surfaces as there is no control over the front wheels and they can roll in any direction. This makes the mower very hard to control and can be simply unusable in some cases.  

However, zero turn mowers work great on flat surfaces. They even provide various features such as mulching and bagging that really helps you get your lawn a professional finish. A lot of professional agencies also use zero turn mowers for their clients. 

Another key feature of zero turn mowers is that there are different mowers specifically made for different purposes. Residential and commercial mowers have unique builds and each has their own specific features. This helps in segregating the price point giving users who need mowers for personal uses be able to use it affordably.

These type of mowers however, may not  be the best for very small lawns. They would work great but if you have a small lawn that you can mow easily with a smaller mower, we recommend that you do not invest in a zero turn mower as they tend to be quite expensive. Earlier, we talked about how different mowers are made for different target audiences. While that is beneficial, this also means the cheaper mowers have a poor build quality. Residential mowers are often designed for infrequent uses and repeated uses tend to make them weary. In zero turn mowers, due to the complex mechanisms involved, regular maintenance can also become a major issue if not handled properly. 

Overall, we only recommend that you get a zero turn mower if you think you can handle the maintenance. Like we have already said, zero turn mowers are not the best options for small lawns but are definitely the best in terms of performance. 


In this article we have discussed the various features of common zero turn mowers in order to understand if they are indeed the best option for you. We hope you found this article informative.