A System That Works: Why You Should Work With an IT Service Company


Are you on the fence about working with an IT service company?

If yes, your situation is understandable. With so many small businesses running on a shoestring budget, the idea of hiring an external company to do something you can do in-house might not make economic sense. Or you simply don’t know what to expect from a managed IT provider.

That being said, thumbs up for considering taking that route. Harnessing the power of technology will give you a competitive advantage. And to do this, you need to right experts handling your tech.

Continue reading to learn why you should cross over that fence and start working with an IT service provider.

More Cost-Effective Than In-house Solutions

When it comes to technology management, you have three options: outsource, hire in-house specialists, or DIY.

These options have their pros and cons, but when it comes to cost, outsourcing is cheaper than hiring in-house tech experts. We’re ignoring DIY because, well, at this level you shouldn’t be watching over your tech on your own.

Hiring employees has direct and indirect costs. You have to pay their wages, but you’ll also spend money on their workstations, wellbeing, insurance, and whatnot.

When hiring an IT service company, the only cost you worry about is the service fee. If the contract states that you pay your provider $5,000 a month, that’s what you’ll pay every month.

What’s more, there are several IT companies, each offering unique pricing. You can find providers of local IT services that will offer you a deal that best suits your needs.

Hiring an IT Service Company Means Hiring a Team

As your business grows and its tech needs increase, you need to build an IT department with several specialists.

Yet, building an in-house tech team is simply out of reach for more small businesses. The cost is prohibitive, no doubt.

What should you do?

Easy! Hire an IT service company.

When you hire an IT service company, you’re essentially hiring a team. IT service companies have their own inhouse tech employees with different kinds of expertise.

As such, when you work with an IT company, you’re gaining access to a wide range of tech experts, from cybersecurity specialists to IT helpdesk support pros.

Your Competitors Are Already Working with an IT Service Company

If these first two reasons didn’t convince you, this one will.

In business, you want to stay a step ahead of your competitors. If you aren’t already working with an IT service company, you’re probably ceding ground to your competitors. There is a good chance the businesses ahead of yours already have a managed IT provider on their payroll.

An IT service company will give your business a competitive advantage on multiple fronts.

It’s Time to Hire an IT Service Company

It’s clear you need to hire an IT service company. It’s cheaper, more efficient, and your competitors are probably already doing it anyway. Your business has a lot to gain.

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