7 benefits of vehicle tracking device for businesses


GPS vehicle tracking¬† devices can have a significant number of benefits for both individuals and business. GPS tracker for cars is one of the most revolutionary and important inventions of all time. Recently these devices are put to more advanced uses. These are not used for tracking purposes, but have a wide variety of other purposes. Especially they have huge benefits for the businesses which helps them increase their productivity and efficiency. These GPS trackers play a very important role for fleet management and delivery services where tracking vehicles and orders plays a very important role. Though the employees don’t like them as they think this invades their privacy, in reality there are major business benefits of GPS vehicle tracking devices.

The benefits of GPS tracking device include:

  • Improved productivity

You can get a real time location of your vehicle which helps you to find out the route and direction of your vehicles. This leads to a reduction in the number of calls made to the drivers, which helps in saving a lot of time for the drivers. Also if there are any changes in the route, location or task, it can simply be updated in the system which can be seen by the driver immediately without wasting anytime. Also tracking the location of the vehicle makes it easy to answer customer queries. This not only helps to improve productivity, but also resources optimum use of the vehicles and drivers. 

  • Improved customer service

Rather than giving customers approximate time, it is best to give them the tracking number. With the help of that they can track the vehicle or their orders and get an exact estimated delivery or arrival time. This makes it very easy for the customer and business both to keep a track of the pickup, transit and arrival of the order. The accuracy of the service time will impress your customer which is a competitive advantage for your business. 

  • Safety of employees and drivers

Car tracking device will help you to track the whereabouts of your driver in poor weather conditions. It will also help you to find out about any uncertainty if the vehicle doesn’t move on the map for a long time. This ensures the safety of the drivers and the field employees. This also enables you to send emergency and support services at your driving location in the event of an uncertainty. 

  • Vehicle recovery

If the unfortunate happens and one of your fleet vehicles is stolen or missing, the GPS tracker will help you and the police to track the location of the vehicle which will make it easy for you to recover your vehicle quickly therefore reducing the damage. A quick response to the theft increases the chances of the recovery of the vehicle before it is stripped down. Also it is very helpful for the police and law enforcement for tracking and busting car thieves. 

  • Reduction in insurance cost

 Vehicles equipped with GPS trackers attract lower insurance charges. This is because the risk involved with these vehicles are comparatively less for the insurance companies. The insurance companies are aware of the benefits of the tracking devices and hence offer discounts on premium for the vehicles equipped with it. Savings in insurance cost eventually results in an increase in the profits. 

  • Minimize paperwork

As GPS vehicle tracking devices send frequent real time location logs, key on and key off information, etc. it makes it very simple to generate reports about  the kilometres travelled each day effectively replacing paper-based log books.Reports such as speeding, long stops, mileage, total travel hours can easily be obtained with a press of a button.

  • Make the most of your vehicles

Using the reports generated by the tracking device you can see if any vehicles are being over or under utilised and make better business decisions of the use of these assets. This also helps to understand which driver is working for how many hours. This is another efficiency and productivity boost for your business. This helps to make the most of the vehicles and reduces idle time.