5 Smart Watch Screen Repair Tips to Try Before Calling a Shop

5 Smart Watch Screen Repair Tips to Try Before Calling a Shop

You rely on your tech throughout the day, so when it breaks, you need an immediate solution. Getting a smart watch screen repair isn’t always fast or affordable.

If you need to have your smart watch fixed, check out some other options as an alternative to taking it to a repair shop. These are steps you can take at home to move toward a solution right away, without waiting for enough time to run an errand or enough dollars in your bank account.

1. Clean It

There are different ways to clean your smart watch. Apple offers specific instructions for cleaning and drying the watch, the digital crown, and the band.

For further problems, you may be able to clean and buff out the scratches. Make sure you remove the band and turn the watch off before you start.

First, put on some rubber gloves like those doctors and medical staff wear. Apply buffing cream to a microfiber cloth and rub the watch anyplace you see scratches. When you’re finished, use a small tool to remove any cream from cracks and crevices, like a toothpick, manicure stick, or Q-tip.

2. Ask Questions

If your smart watch screen needs repair, check to see if you have any kind of warranty. If you bought it from Apple, find out if you purchased the AppleCare or AppleCare+ packages. They’ll be able to tell you what each plan covers and how to get the claims process started. 

If you bought your smart watch somewhere else, you may still have a warranty. Call the store and ask about your options. Sometimes you’ll find there are solutions available that you didn’t know you had.

3. DIY Your Smart Watch Screen Repair

When you’re pretty handy with tech stuff, it’s possible you could do your own smart watch repair. Look online for some tutorials that are specific to your model. Whether you have an Apple watch or another kind of smart watch, it’s possible you can follow the steps in a video or article to do the repair yourself.

If you aren’t sure based on the videos and instructions you find, it may be best to let a professional help. If you do something wrong, you will have voided the warranty when you opened the unit up, and you won’t be able to pursue other avenues of repair.

4. Use a Screen Protector

Even if your screen is already cracked, it can help to apply a screen protector. It seems silly, but the soft screen protectors may actually help fill in some of the cracks and give a little more life to your smart watch.

5. Check Online

Before you take your watch to a smart watch repair shop, look online at a site like fruitfixed.com. They do smart watch glass repair, and they offer a price match guarantee. They’ve also committed to staying open during the pandemic, so you’ll always be able to find someone who can help.

Tech Help

It’s easy to make a mistake and suddenly need a smart watch screen repair. When you follow the tips above, you can avoid having to pay for an expensive out-of-pocket repair. Instead, take care of your smart watch problem the smart way. 

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