3 Most Useful iPhone Locator Apps


Disasters never give prior signals or warnings before approaching. Imagine a situation where you have recently purchased your much-desired iPhone, and it gets lost. It might have slipped out of your pocket; someone might steal the purse or the bag where you had kept it, or you might forget it in a place out of the many places you visit daily.

There’s no cure to such physical and mental trauma. So, it is better to be prepared from the beginning.

One such proper precaution is to install an iPhone locator app on your iPhone. Here is a list of some such useful iPhone locator apps that are custom-made to tackle such situations.

Find My iPhone

First, let’s talk about the Find my iPhone app created by Apple itselfFind My iPhone pinpoints to the geographic location of the iPhone you have just lost. To activate this feature on your iPhone, you need to go to the Settings option and select ‘Mail.’ Then you have to choose ‘MobileMe’ email account and press the ‘Find My iPhone’ button right next to it. This will enable this particular service on the iPhone.

Then to locate the phone, you need to go to the MobileMe website and log in there with a valid username as well as password. On clicking the Find My iPhone button, the site would ask for your password again. Re-enter your MobileMe password. The search for your iPhone begins then and there. As soon as the application finds the location of your iPhone, it would pinpoint on the map.

Once the iPhone is located, you can either send an alert message or lock it. An alert message to the lost iPhone is addressed as you click the ‘Display a Message’ button. You can also lock the lost iPhone remotely via the Remote Lock option.

However, Find My iPhone program is available to only those who have subscribed to MobileMe. Besides, the feature works when the phone is switched on. To top it all, your iPhone can be tracked down if and only if the tracking is done on any other iOS device. That means you ought to have an additional iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad to track the lost phone iosemusHowever, on devices such as iPod Touch 4G, iPhone 4, and iPad, the app Find My iPhone comes for free, which otherwise has to be activated via MobileMe account. In short, with all these pre-conditions at hand, the Find My iPhone service seems to add to the woes of the sufferer.

FollowMee GPS Tracker

Other than the much talked about Find My iPhone app, there are a bunch of other iPhone locator apps that work the way you want without creating much fuss. One such app is FollowMee GPS Tracker. The best thing about FollowMee GPS Tracker is that it does not require a secondary iOS device to track down your iPhone. Instead, this app works via the website.

This means that you can log in through any device or a PC to track your lost iPhone. Moreover, you need not possess a 4th generation iPhone to run this app. It works on older iPhones equally good. It is better if you have a phone that accepts multi-tasking options. Downloading the app is followed by signing up for a free account on Followmee.com. So, whenever you open the app, you are required to sign in via that account on Followmee.com.

Registration is quite simple as it asks for email, username, and password. On completion of the registration process, the FollowMee GPS Tracker starts running on the background of your iPhone. Your account on Followmee.com enables signing in from any browser or PC from possibly any location. Clicking on the map tracks down the place where your iPhone was the last time you signed in. Besides, the app renders comprehensive information regarding the phone’s path up to the past 24 hours. Even if you want to find out where your phone was on a specific date, FollowMee GPS Tracker does it in the most hassle-free manner.

Some of the advantages of FollowMee GPS Tracker are capturing location at configured intervals, scheduled tracking, and minimal data consumption (works in the absence of any data plan). Also, FollowMee GPS Tracker is concerned about the security of the user. As we all know by now that the application runs in the background, but it will be a surprise that it keeps running even when the device is restarted animedao. Also, the app automatically uploads the location data to secure servers.

Before uploading, the location data is encrypted. So, in a location where the internet is unavailable, the app will have the data cached on the iPhone. Uploading to secured servers resumes as soon as the internet becomes available next. Unlike the Find My iPhone app, where the device had to be switched on for tracking it down, the FollowMee GPS Tracker app enables screen locking that prevents the thief or any other person from stopping the app from running. This means that only the user can have information regarding his/her phone’s location data.

Apart from locating your iPhone, FollowMee GPS Tracker can find your kids, your spouse, or any other family member. It can also track your running, cycling, or hiking.

Few more such location-based apps work the same way as the above, but users will have to shell out some extra bucks.

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Locate My Phone

This location-aware iPhone app enables the user to create geo-alert zones that would make the iPhone send emails to any family member or friend upon entering a particular location and also while leaving that zone. The app also sends a reminder to the users. This means that when you enter a grocery shop, the app will remind you of buying milk as a reminder that you have already set. Besides, the app allows sharing a link on Facebook and Twitter about your real-time location on the Google map.

The app enables sending push messages to the iPhone through a website remotely. Who knows the person who found your lost iPhone is generous enough to return it to you after reading the news. You can also trigger a loud alarm remotely in case of the loss of your iPhone. So, even the thief has muted it down; the bell will ring out loudly. This fantastic app comes free for a 30-day trial period, after which a service fee of $5.99 is charged.

Apart from these free apps, several other apps flood the App Store, such as Pleasefindmyphone, which comes for $12.99. But why spend pennies for an app that works the same way as a free app – FollowMee GPS Tracker.