The best RO water purifiers you can buy for residential use

The best RO water purifiers you can buy for residential use

Water is life! Our existence is all because of water. There is a huge need for clean drinking water. You rely on the municipalities to provide clean water, irrespective of whether you reside in the large metropolitan town or tier I or II towns in India. Did you know that the bacteria in the water are being killed with the help of chemical substances like chloramines, which is extremely dangerous for our health?

Thanks to the water purifiers, as they help us drink safe and clean water at home. There various marketing terms for RO water purifiers like RO, UV, TF, TDS, NF, etc. Most RO water purifiers come with a combination of UV and UF filters to make water 100% contaminant free. Most of us are confused to choose the right type of water purifier for residential use. Here, provider of Aquaguard RO repair service in Delhi is going to discuss various kinds of water purifiers to make water purifier shopping easy for you.

1.      RO purifiers

Ro stands for reverse osmosis, which is the most widely used water purification technology that uses membrane technology to remove dissolved salts, contaminants and microorganisms from water. It has a semi-permeable membrane that separates germs and other contaminants from water and makes it fit for drinking. The only drawback of RO water purifiers is that removes some minerals from water. But there are some big brands that claim to retain essential minerals in the water. If there is a supply of hard and high in TDS water in your area, RO water purifier is the best for you.

2.      UF purifiers

UF stands for ultrafiltration, which is a water purification method that uses membrane similar to RO, but its membrane has bigger pores. It is best to remove all colloidal particles including the most pathogenic organisms from water. But it fails to remove the dissolved solids and salts from water. If water supplied to your home is not very hard and salty, then UF purifiers can be used in your home, as it physically removes contaminants from the water.

3.      UV purifiers

UV stands for Ultraviolet. UV water purifier used ultraviolet rays to remove harmful microorganisms, chemicals and impurities from water. It is an effective technology that destroys approx 99.99% of harmful contaminants from water. In the purifying process, tiny mercury light emits short wave ultraviolet radiation. This radiation irradiates the water and penetrates the cells and the potential of the bacteria and viruses. Microorganisms do not develop and finally die. In contrast to other types of filtration, such as reverse osmosis or activated carbon filters, UV water purification usually used.

4.      RO+ UV+UF

This type of RO water purifiers uses triple purification technology to remove harmful microorganisms, chemicals and toxins from water. There are multiple brands like Kent and Aquaguard that sell RO+UV+UF water purifiers for residential use. This type of water purifiers is best and affordable for residential use. It keeps water-borne diseases away from your home. The reason for the provider of Kent RO repair services in Delhi to bring this article is to provide helpful information to you. We hope, you’ll make a wise choice and choose the right purifier for your home.

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