How to Change Your Car’s Motor Oil?

Car Oil

Changing your car’s oil might be challenging. It can also be messy or tiresome. However, with the right steps and information, everything becomes pretty easy. Therefore, this guide includes steps on how to change oil without getting dirty. Moreover, it will ensure you save money and enhance the durability of the engine. 

Why you need to change your car’s motor oil?

It is because the process is simple and includes using a few tools and materials. When you do it yourself, it helps you save on maintenance costs and saves you the hassle of waiting at a car service garage. It is also one of the ways to help you connect and learn more about your car. You will find out that it becomes easier for you to know parts that need quick attention and service.

Tools to Gather

When changing your motor oil, you need to ensure that you gather the following tools before beginning the process.

  • Oil filter wrench
  • Latex gloves
  • A wrench that will help drain plug
  • Oil drain pan
  • Funnel
  • Jack and its stands

Materials you require

  • Oil filter
  • Oil
  • A drain plug washer to replace

Steps to follow

Have the Right Oil an Amount Required?

Various vehicles require a different amount and type of oil to use. Therefore, before you settle on any oil, ensure that you consult the car’s manual to ensure you get the right amount of oil to use. It is essential to use the correct oil viscosity to avoid damages. 

Remove the oil plug

After getting the right oil for use, move forward to remove the oil plug. Begin by laying a plastic sheet on the ground, then drive the car to position it on top of the sheet. It helps prevent spilling the oil all over your workplace.

Jack up your car using the jack stands, then lower it down. With such a position, it makes it easy for one to unscrew the oil plug. Unscrew the oil plug, and then pull it out carefully, ensuring that you pull it away from the oil stream. Then clean it and fix a new oil gasket if you wish to have a new one. Note that you might also encounter removing a stuck oil drain plug.

Remove the Filter

Work on removing the previous oil filter. You need to remove the filter with its rubber gasket. If it becomes difficult, you can consider peeling it from the engine.

When removing the oil filter, keep note that you need to choose the right oil filter wrench. It is because there are various wrenches suitable for different cars. If you find the right wrench, it gives you room to maneuver with ease when fixing your car.

Change Your Oil

After removing the filter, it is now time to add fresh oil. First, you need to check if the drain bolt and the filter are in place and tightened. Use a funnel to refill the engine oils. A funnel helps to prevent spilling the oil when filling the car. You should carefully add oil to avoid wasting it.

Then, you should run the engine for about 30 seconds to make sure that the new oil circulates appropriately. Then shut down the engine and check underneath the car to see if there are any leaks. If you are satisfied, everything is okay, lower and remove the jacks and stands.

Check the New Oil Level

It is essential to check and ensure that the new level of oil is correct. The level feels right if you notice that it comes to the upper hole of the car.

Dispose of The Old Oil

When you complete the above steps, then you need to dispose of the old oil. You can consider selling it to mechanics or stores that buy such kind of oil.

Additional Tips to Consider

  • Always start a cold engine to allow it warm up the oil
  • Use new oil as a coat on the oi gasket before you spin it
  • It is essential to use jack stands to support the stability of the car
  • Use your hands to tighten the filter
  • Always confirm if the new installation has spilled.

Final Words

That is what it takes to change your car’s motor oil. It might look hard as a beginner, but once you conduct the process a couple of times, you will be familiar, and it becomes easy. Also, once you familiarize yourself with maintenance tips, your car will last long.