What is the Procedure to Clean Pool Water with Chlorine?

Clean Pool Water with Chlorine

Do you dream of a perfect swimming pool? A perfect swimming pool is the one which is sanitized perfectly. And when it comes to sanitization, TCCA whose primary element is chlorine plays an important role. It is known that chlorine in TCCA kills bacteria. Although it is a simple chemical reaction.

When mixed with water it degrades into a different chemical reaction which includes hypochlorous acid or hypochlorite ion. So, it is obvious that chlorine can be used as a sanitizer which prevents us against germs. This article will walk you through in detail which will explain the procedure to clean pool water with the help of chlorine. So, let us discuss it in detail.

What is Chlorine?

Chlorine is an element of matter. It is a naturally occurring chemical element. It is often prepared by using ordinary salt through the process of electrolysis. It is very helpful and effective in killing off germs and other bacteria. So, it is widely used in swimming pools for cleaning purposes.

Why it is Important to Add Chlorine to Swimming Pools?

Now then next question which comes almost in each person’s mind is that why chlorine is added to the swimming pool. The simple answer to this is it kills unnecessary germs and bacteria. When its solution is poured into the water. It breaks down into many other chemicals. Which also are helpful for killing micro-organisms.

Procedure to Clean Pool Water with Chlorine

Now let us come to the main point of our article. That is what is the procedure to clean pool water using chlorine. The best solution to this question is to used liquid chlorine that is bleach. Using liquid chlorine or simply bleach has some advantages.

1.         Suspended Particles get Deposited

The use of liquid chlorine helps in the sedimentation of suspended particles and dirt. Sedimentation is a process through which dirt particles settle down at the bottom. This process helps your clean pool water easily as all the dirt and garbage settle down at the bottom.

After that, you can use a suction pad that wipes out and sucks all the settlement from the bottom and makes the water clean. So, using liquid chlorine can be advantageous for you in this manner and using it is a great idea.

2.         Disinfection of Water

Using liquid chlorine or bleach also has one advantage i.e. it prevents water from disinfections. This is also another important objective. As it is composed of open-air and so many people are using it. So, there are chances that it is full of germs and bacteria. Using chlorine can prevent you from this.

When a solution of liquid chlorine is mixed with water. It breaks down into other chemicals such as hypochlorous acid or hypochlorite ion. They are helpful for killing microorganisms and other such bacteria and make water free from germs and other diseases. It also depends on their pH value. If the pH is high it takes a long time to clean the water.

3.         Prevention from Algae Growing in Pool Water

One of the most significant problems with pool water is that there are chances that algae may grow in the pool water. As it is exposed to sunlight. To prevent this chlorination of pool water is necessary. If proper care of the pool is not taken it may turn into green color within a few days. So, chlorination is necessary. If you want to clean your pool.

Because no one wants to swim in water having algae in it. So, to keep yourself safe from this problem the process of chlorination becomes mandatory.

After this detailed explanation, you may get things right and came to know that what is the procedure of cleaning pool water with chlorine. If proper filtration is done and good care is taken. Then the swimmers will not be able to know that they are under chlorinated water.

On the other hand, if proper care is taken. The swimmers will feel like they are under fresh water. And can enjoy swimming much more and feel relaxed this way. But water is not sanitized, then a quick round in the pool can cause them some serious diseases.


This article is all about what are some of the procedures to clean water with chlorine. In this article, we have discussed in detail what chlorine is and why it is necessary to add chlorine in the pool water. Further, it is discussed what types of solutions work best for you. As chlorine kills germs and other such bacteria so it is always advised to clean pool water with chlorine.

Especially with liquid chlorine. Which is also known as bleach. Because it prevents pools from getting algae, also its sediments the dirt particles at the bottom of the pool through which you can clean easily. So, you can easily clean the pool water.

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