How Long Do Bike Helmet Last?


When we consider things like helmets in a usual way, there may not be any importance for the “How long do bike helmet last?” question. Because these are not food items or medicines to get expired by sitting in your shelf unused. It is how you use it and what is the current situation of these objects that matter as a basic thing to replace it.

However, there are helmet safety foundations out there who test and set safety standards for helmets. So, there will be changes in the features and standards of a helmet in a new model when compared to an old model.

There that is another reason to change your helmet according to many of the helmet reviewers and foundations. Moreover, there is a five-year timeline, which is considered as a replacement period for helmets by these foundations.

This five-year timeline is suggested based on three different reasons. Some parts from helmets may be manufactured with delicate materials so they may get rusted or degraded with or without continuous use.

Another thing only comes in a condition where the rider uses a helmet continuously in all his rides.

In this period of usage, the helmet is in contact with several things like oil, lotions, gel, etc. so it may spoil and the interior more than the exterior of a helmet. And the same case comes on the exterior when the sunlight and different climates hit on the same surface of the helmet you are using.

The last thing they consider as a reason for the replacement of helmet after five years is the constantly improving helmet manufacturing industry. Like every other product, helmets are also being enhanced in all technology, materials, safety, etc.

Replacing Helmets Become Necessary

This is a question that you may know the answer and may not impressed with it and looking for a better answer than you may like. Replacing your helmet becomes necessary in some emergencies like a crash or the age of the helmet. If you had an accident and your helmet got a little crack on the side but not much visible, so you left it like that.

That is a very immature thing to do because the duty that is carried by every good quality helmet is to protect the head of the person who is wearing it. It is an absolute situation of necessity to replace your helmet with a high-quality helmet.

The other thing is the age of the helmet that most of the non-professional riders going through. Some people are out there who are still hanging out with their old helmet that was manufactured in the 70s, and it wishes to die before the rider use it again.

If you are looking for fair antiques and collectibles, then an old vintage helmet will be an outstanding thing to be showcased on your shelf. But it fails utterly when it comes to the safety of you or your beloved ones. If you are looking for an exact time, then you may not wear a helmet that is manufactured before the 1990s.

It is said because the materials that are used at the time is not at all comes near to most of the safety standards that are needed to be followed. Besides, they may be heavy and give no comfort in any way possible. They will not have the foam inside it to comfort your head. And these are just some straight forward facts which all say that the change of your helmet is necessary.

Find if Your Helmet Needs a Replacement

Do your helmet meet all the safety standards set by organizations specializing in road safety and vehicle acts? The experts are making these standards after considering every possible aspect of the helmet and its usage. Brands make helmets for different purposes. Some are made in a different shape to provide more aerodynamics.

Instead, some are built in a more rugged way to be used in dangerous roads and adventures. Whichever your usage is not matter. All of them have some basic safety standards that need to be followed. Energy management during an impact, how well built it is, and the material, level of protection, and the weight put on the rider’s head are few of the things that matter in it.

If all these things are according to the standards, then it comes with a stamp on it. In the United States of America, helmets come with a stamp from any of the organizations.

One is the Snell Memorial Foundation; the consumer product safety commission is another, and the last one is the American Society for Testing and Materials.

If you got a new helmet and it does not have a stamp on it, you have to replace it with a helmet that follows all those standards. So, it is clear that the old or vintage model helmet will either not follow any of the standards. And that is clear that your helmet needs a replacement with a new and more comfortable one.

Things to be considered on your helmet

There are things to be considered when selecting a new helmet for you, and it is all based on the type of ride you do with it.

Different types of helmets are available according to the kind of ride.

The types of some of the commonly used helmets include:

Road Helmets

It comes mostly with a little elongated shape, and the curve becomes bigger in sports needs for the aerodynamic advantages. These are considered as the original road bike helmets for cycling on roads and racing.

Commuter Helmets

It has a more round like structure and has wends on it. These are also mainly focused on road bike rides. Moreover, these models come with different accessories like mirrors, winter ear flips, etc.

Trail Helmets

These models of helmets always have an L shape from the side view that provides extensive coverage on the rear side. Most of these models will not cover the forehead like others.

Mountain Bike Helmets

A helmet that looks similar to the road helmets and functions is also almost the same. However, some of them come with larger air vents to be relaxed in mountain adventures. Besides, these helmets are one of the lightweight models available.

The helmet you choose will be perfect if you initially consider the ride you may do with it.

After that, there comes the main part of selecting the best helmet for you according to the different attributes of the helmet.

The list of the things that to be considered while buying a new helmet for your ride includes:

Shape and Size, you Needed

Everyone, including you, has some difference between the shape of your head and the size you needed to fit on your head comfortably.

Besides, you may like a helmet in a round shape than an elongated shape to look cooler.

Then you can go for the commuter models or whichever the kind of helmet model you wanted. There is every shape of helmets available for every purpose.

Moreover, standard helmets are available that people use them for every kind of rides and things they do with their bike.

So, go for a helmet with a shape that gives you confidence and comfort through your ride.

Retention of Helmet

Always look for a helmet with excellent retention because they are the ones who will protect your head at any circumstances.

If you are speeding up through a windy area and your helmet is playing around your head because of the wind pressure, it might be the worst that can happen to you.

That may also lead to accidents by totally distracting from your real focus, which is riding the bike on the right path and enjoying the moment you have.

So, your helmet must sit on your head at any circumstances when you tighten that strap around your face.

Cushioning of the Helmet

The material that the helmet is made of plays a big role in preventing your head been hit on the ground directly.

But it can’t stop the effect of a hit on your head. That’s where the interior foam comes to rescue.

The interior form and the fabric materials used inside of a helmet plays the most prominent role that keeping your head out of the massive force that hit on the exterior of the helmet.

It means you need to find the best-cushioned helmet for you to get good comfort and safety while in your ride.

Visor if you Need One

Some people prefer sunglasses or special glasses for riding a bike instead of a visor on the helmet.

Because they make the helmet a little vulnerable, and you may have to keep them out of scratch.

If you love a visor that gives some air space around your eyes, always go for the best and robust.

Because if your visor is not strong enough to take a hit. Then it will be more sceptical that the visor brake and hurt you more than anything.

Make Sure the Helmet Has a Legal Stamp

A stamp that ensures product quality is always the best and comforting in many ways.

That means it is important to go for a helmet that ensures every material of it passed a quality check.


Now you got an idea on the helmet replacement and the things to look before you are going for a new one as a replacement.

It is crucial to select the right one because if you choose a new, less qualified one because it has a low-price tag.

The thing is that it may hurt you more than the old helmet you had on your head during an accident.

Like mentioned before, go after every possibility and circumstance through your mind and decide with the best you can get.