7 Advantages of Playing Online Casino Games


The concept of gaming burst on to the scene in the 1990s in the early days of the Internet. Ever since then it has engaged millions into playing and winning. Indians across age groups, genders, occupations and states are now interested in playing online casino games. But why is iGaming gaining such a mass appeal in India of late? Let’s discuss.

  1. Cost-effectiveness:

Playing at a land-based casino is a costly affair. In years past, you required an offshore trip to Las Vegas, Hong Kong, the Caribbean Islands and Nepal to satiate your casino cravings. Such a gambling expedition involves funds to the tune of lakhs. Even if your city has a legal casino, you are likely to incur travel expenses to reach there. Add to it the spending on dress codes and reservations, you need deep pockets to pursue your passion for casino gaming.

Conversely, you skip such exorbitant expenses with an online casino. The need to go out of your home is eliminated outright, and so are the related expenses. Just grab your Smartphone, download casinos, make deposits, and let the indulgence begin, at any time and any place.

  • Games galore:

Brick and mortar casinos operate from physical premises. Regardless of how spacious the premises are, they can accommodate a certain number of games only. As a millennial obsessed with variety, you might be restricted for gaming choices at a land-based casino.

On the other hand, online casinos are free from any space restrictions. They can offer you a stunning variety of games to play and win. Besides the casino fares like Slots, Poker, Roulette and Blackjack, the online casinos offer new, inventive games from time to time. The variation in games is also impressive. That means you’ll find many variations of the same game. Irrespective of your gaming preferences and objectives, the virtual casinos keep you covered.

  • Safe and fair:

Do you think online casinos games are unsafe and unfair? If yes, then you are not alone. Many prefer not to entrust money to a website they know nothing about. However, their fears are mostly unfounded. Though there ere are fly-by-night operators ready to rob you blind, they are scarce.

Look for casinos which are governed by Gambling Authorities. One, they won’t run away with your deposits and winnings. Two, they’ll follow the best industry practices in transparency and fair gameplay.  Three, if they can lose their license if they are suspected of fraudulent activities.  Additionally, make sure you read reviews on transparent sites describing real players’ experiences.

  • Convenient:

Besides cost-effectiveness, the convenience factor is the major contributor to the online casinos’ popularity. You are relieved from braving odds to be in a brick and mortar casino, as all the action unfolds on your Smartphone, tab or PC. The conventional casinos have specific opening and closing time. Conversely, the online instant play casinos operate 24/7/365, giving you the flexibility to play at any convenient time.

Accessing online casinos is convenient and so is playing. Even a novice can start playing unaided right from the get-go – that’s because of free play modes provided by virtual casinos. Use the modes to gamble without cash or learn finer aspects of the game in embarrassment-free ways.

  • Rewards:

Maintaining a land-based operation involves ongoing expenses on staff salaries, equipment and more. Contrarily, online casinos need not incur any hefty ongoing expenses. That’s why the online ones can reward your passion with lucrative bonuses like free stakes, on-site money or even a fully paid foreign vacation. Extending such rewards falls more expensive for offline casinos.    

The bonuses come at every step of the way. Since virtual casinos are cost-effective to initiate and run, they maintain a lower house edge. That translates into better odds and higher payout percentage. Simply put, you’ll rake in more winnings at an online casino over a period than at a brick and mortar one. If you play at the same virtual casino for long enough or achieve certain ratings, the loyalty bonus might come your way.

It’s standard practice for online casinos to mention Return to Player (RTP) percentage on their websites for every game offered. The idea is to keep you current on the best odds.

  • Privacy:

Land-based casinos are crowded places. Here, the player is often distracted by onlookers, unfriendly fellow players and staff.

When playing online, you are away from the prying eyes, unreal ambience and all that distracts you from the game. You focus more on the game and less on the surroundings. That impacts your game performance, winnings, overall wagering experience and personal choices. Feel free to jump into a game or out of it at any time, with a touch of a button. That’s privacy redefined.

 Though there are several advantages to online casinos, due diligence on your part is required. You need to visit review sites to get accurate information about a game and site before you register and start playing.