3 Ways The United Way is Saving Lives

Ways The United Way is Saving Lives

2020 started with an unexpected surprise we will all remember as the covid-19 pandemic. In many ways, the pandemic shattered the normal everyday lives of people around the world. However, in other ways, the pandemic did nothing to shatter the spirit of the people and the will to help.

United Way is an organization that helps build and re-create communities around the world. It promotes quality of life no matter what crises or challenges we face like today. Are you curious about what United Way is doing to help? Keep reading to learn 3 things the nonprofit is doing.

1. United Way Connects the Community

United Way Worldwide is a community that has been around for almost 75 years to help people in need and provide services within the community. There is no color, no face, no age, nor race that United Way does not assist.

They help individuals who lose their homes (such as during a fire) and are victims of abuse. They also help those needing medical and dental assistance, particularly for older adults who have low income.

United Way continues to offer counseling and support for those struggling with mental issues. It is an organization that looks into the needs of people from both a short-term and long-term perspective.

2. United Way Helps During Times of Trouble

There are moments the world experiences a new strain of natural disasters and disease that affects the lives of millions or takes them. A recent threat the world is now dealing with is the coronavirus. The immediate needs throughout the globe become more serious throughout communities.

The main issue with the pandemic is that millions of people lost their jobs and no longer make what they did before. The United Way COVID Relief is a response to address this. United Way wants to help families who are having problems meeting basic needs. For example, there are families now unable to make ends meet to feed everyone or pay the rent.

Within 3 months, the United Way COVID relief has nearly $2 million. Helping people to persevere in spite of a pandemic is important.

3. United Way Offers Hope

No matter what challenges the world faces, we can overcome them so long as we help one another. United Way offers help and gives back to the community. This is all thanks to the efforts of local banks, foundations as well as other businesses and people.

Working together as a unit is powerful and United Way voices and stands by this. United Way helps communities rise to meet any and every new challenge. If a person ever loses hope during a time of need United Way offers a helping hand to have hope for a better tomorrow.

United Way Is One With Life

The history of an organization is important, but how that organization continues to evolve is just as, if not more, important as we continue to battle new issues. United Way continues to offer income, education, and health in order to continue impacting society in a positive way.

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