Why Siberian Cats Are Awesome And Hypoallergenic?

Siberian Cats

All of our lives, my wife and I had been severly allergic to cats. I had family members who had cats who’s homes I could never visit. I could not go over friend’s houses as a child if they had a feline companion. I always was fascinated by cats, and thought it was horrible that I could not even be around a cat for more than 15 minutes, without my throat closing up and my eyes wattering and itching, acompanied by bouts of sneezing.

The same was for my wife. When we were in our 1st apartment, a friend gave us a kitten, so we thought, let’s give it a shot. Needless to say, 1 hr later, I was returning the kitten to my friend, while my wife was in the shower, washing her RED eyes out…

Than, one day, I was perusing the internet, and discovered the Neva Masquerade Siberian Cat. I thought, this must be a hairless cat and than first saw a beautiful long haired siberian kitten. I thought, it could not be true that there would be a long haired pure-bred cat that could possibley be a member of our family.

It was than that I had some fur sent from a breeder, to put in my pillow overnight. After a week with no reaction at all, I decided to give it a shot, and I ordered a kitten. We purchased our 2nd Siberian Cat shortly thereafter, since siberians love to play with each other so much, we thought 2 or more cats would be best for them.

3 Years later, my wife and I both semi-retired, decided to dedicate our home and our time to helping make this wonderful breed, who was first brought to America in 1990, available to people who were allergic to cats, but always wanted to enjoy the companionship of a feline friend.

Our siberian cats and siberian kittens are from the best possible Siberian Cat Breed Stock, and all were parented by international grand champions, imported from Russia. Our male, Nicolai “smokey” was bred from Gray Black, and internation grand champion, and Nastya Black, a Champion russian import.

We invested nearly $2000.00/cat in our Siberian Cat Breed Stock, and raise wonderful family members, who are raised in our home, not in a kitten mill. We firmly believe that our kittens meet the highest possible breed standards, and many have the potential to be international champions.

Our kittens receive tender loving care, and constant human interaction, which is why we beleive we produce the world’s best Siberian Cats and Siberian Kittens, sure to warm your heart.

This great breed has only been in the States since the early 1990’s. As the name implies, they were originally imported from Russia. Most allergy sufferers will not react to this cat because, reportedly, they do not produce a certain protein in the saliva which is found in “dander”, which is what most people are allergic to.

The breed is large and very hardy. They have semi-long hair over most of their bodies, with longer hair at the “ruff”, britches and tail. Their hair is fairly oily which always makes them feel silky. This also makes for less matting of the hair. They only require weekly brushing when they are “blowing” their coats.

Siberians are very similar to Maine Coons and Norwegian Forest Cats. When looking at a Maine Coons you should see rectangles, when looking at a Norwegian Forest cat you should see triangles and when looking at a Siberian you should see….circles!!!