What Are Eco Friendly Products for Kids?

Eco Friendly Products for Kids

Taking care of the environment and, first of all, the health of a child, parents often try to buy children’s products made from environmentally friendly materials. They cost much more, but at the same time, are absolutely safe, and, therefore, attract customers.

It is not difficult at all to buy eco products for kids today. This can be done without even leaving your home. High-quality organic baby products for daily use can be purchased on Natemia.com since it is considered the most reliable and trustworthy.

In this article, we will consider the most popular eco-friendly baby essentials which can be easily purchased on the website Natemia.com.

Organic Bedding

A child more often than an adult is in direct contact with bed linen, so it is not at all strange that the requirements for its choice should be special. It is important to pay attention to both the material from which the linen is made and its origin (the methods of growing and processing). It is better to buy baby bedding made from organic cotton. This plant is grown without the use of pesticides or other chemical fertilizers but under the influence of natural sources.

The experts of the online fair Natemia.com, which puts up for sale only the best organic baby products, indicate that it is necessary to pay attention to the safety of the crib mattress. Mattresses with woolen filling are considered environmentally friendly. Wool is a natural material that has good elasticity and softness. Wool mattresses can accumulate and gradually release heat. If you already have a mattress made from inorganic materials, you can use a wool mattress topper as a barrier.

Another option for a safe filler for a children’s mattress is natural latex – the juice of a rubber tree, foamed in a special way. Unlike mattresses made of artificial latex (polyurethane foam), it will not emit toxic gases that could potentially harm your child’s health.

Organic Baby Clothes

Children’s clothes, especially those that come into contact with the baby’s skin (bathrobe, flannel shirt, etc.), should not only be made from natural materials but produced in an environmentally friendly way. The safest are organic cotton, wool, linen, bamboo.

Environmentally Friendly Plastic Utensils and Feeding Bottles

Is plastic different? In fact, yes. The utensils can be made from safe food-grade plastic, or from cheaper plastic, which contains bisphenol A (BPA), a harmful chemical that negatively affects the brain, fertility, contributes to the development of cancer, and increases the risk of Down syndrome. Although a child can be exposed to this chemical through air and dust, the main route of entry into the body is through the liquid in plastic containers containing BPA. The safest are glass or polypropylene bottles for newborn feeding. So, avoid products made of polycarbonate containing BPA.

Choose only organic baby essentials on Natemia.com and be sure that they are of high quality and safety. In addition, the site also provides products for women (dressing gown, womens robe dress, flared skirt robes, spa clothing, waffle thermal mini dress, etc.), and men (undershirts, underpants, etc.). So, successful trade is guaranteed!