Top 4 Extra-Curricular Activities That Your Child Needs To Learn With School

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A lot of young parents are perennially on a lookout for some fun games and activities for their young ones. It is also important because it is a great way to keep the kids away from TV and iPads. Further, involving young minds in extra-curricular activities is a great way to help them learn. However, unfortunately getting the young kids interested in any extra-curricular activity can be a challenge in itself. There are so many activities that a young kid can learn which is not as difficult also, learn more here

But it isn’t impossible. It only needs the right amount of execution and planning for things to fall in place. Please know that accentuating the growth of your child with the requisite skills and learning outside the school is the responsibility of the parent. So, here, we have come up with a list of 4 incredible co-curricular activities that can help your child progress and grow holistically.

Extra-Curricular Activities For Your Child


All of us love the dance shows where we see the young kids perform so incredibly well. Moreover, it is one hobby or extra-curricular activity that the kids love so much. Angie, who offers online assignment help Perth services, says that her child is an introvert, but despite that, when she enrolled him into dancing, he found it as a great medium of expression. Dance as an art form builds kinaesthetic intelligence, confidence, and coordination in both adults and children.

Every time a child learns a new dance form, they are ready to make mistakes without any apprehensions. A child who knows how to dance wouldn’t ever be scared of performing in front of others. There would be no stage fear, and he would be confident in his conduct. Further, this confidence is extremely helpful in their daily life too. In India, there is a multitude of dance forms available for children to learn and prepare backpacks for school.

From Bharatanatyam to Ballet and Bollywood, you can get your child into learning anything he wants. Before you enroll a child into any dance form, it is best to have him attend a trial class to see which form he enjoys the most.  


A child who knows how to swim is aware of issues like personal safety. He knows he needs to fight back in times of an emergency. So, swimming is indeed a life-skill that all young children must be taught. Swimming helps the child learn personal growth, which makes them confident and helps in their overall development.

A lot of new parents are afraid of sending their kids to the pool. But, studies have proved that the younger the child is, the faster he would pick up the skill. For a toddler, the movements come naturally. So, don’t be scared and send your child to the baby pool.

Initially, the child might be a little apprehensive or scared, but within a few days, he’ll get comfortable and be at ease. Moreover, swimming is a great exercise to develop movement and motor skills. But as a parent, make sure you dress them right and give them a durable floating tube.  


Kiara, who works with a platform where you can pay someone to do my homeworksays that any parent who wishes their child to be strong, responsible, competitive, and empathetic, must enroll them in sports. When a child plays a sport regularly, he grows emotionally, physically, and mentally.

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Additionally, if you look at the bigger picture, a sportsman knows how to make the correct decisions on behalf of the team. Indeed, it isn’t an easy skill to impart. However, with sports, it can be imparted with ease. Further, with constant practice and exercise, the mind learns to focus and retention. So, a child with ADHD and dyslexia benefits the most from sports.  


One of the most important life skill is cooking. Don’t we all want our daughters and sons to be self-reliant and independent? Brian, who offers the best SEO course online, says that being able to cook a healthy meal for yourself and your loved ones is an important task.

Knowing how to mix the nutrients, following a recipe, experimenting with new flavors, appreciating the new flavors, and knowing about nutrition, are a few important perks and specialties of a good cook. A young child can learn so much from this incredible art form.

Further, when people cook together, it fosters communication and cooperation. It helps them appreciate food and develop fine motor skills. Moreover, since cooking is a creative outlet, it allows the child to feel proud and accomplished. 

So, these are 4 extremely important extra-curricular activities that every young child must be enrolled in for their overall development and growth.