Toddler sleeping in the pack and play: safe or not


Whether you are a parent or might become one anytime soon, you can relate when we say that parenthood is a beautiful phase. It brings an inevitable wave of change, a ray of positivity and heaps of happiness, all in one go. Well, it also brings endless crying, messy homes and a baby unreasonably cranky enough to not sleep or eat. 

We are sure, like every parent; sleep is a dominant concern in your head. It is said that a parent should sleep whenever the tiny tot does. But with newborns and toddlers, the chances of them sleeping through the night is marginal. 

You cannot magically put a baby to sleep. With countless responsibilities to manage, you certainly don’t want sleepless hours to add on to the dilemma. The only way to increase the likelihood of both you and your baby getting a good night’s sleep is by investing in the right bed. 

What is Pack and Play?

Pack and Play as the name suggests is a portable alternative to a crib. It is an efficient combination of a playard and a sleeper suitable for usage from birth until the little munchkin pulls through the toddler stage.

Is Pack and Play safe?

Yes, Pack and Play is absolutely safe for your baby. Here are two core reasons why we second this statement.

· Safety against SIDS:

Sure, co-sleeping with your baby can be tempting. But it puts them at risk of being tossed down or smothered. Don’t put your baby at risk, prefer Pack and Play as a precaution. 

Furthermore, Pack and Play can prevent SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). SIDS occurs due to physical and environmental factors. Environmental factors constitute sharing beds, fluffy mattresses (as they block the airway) or being in extremely warm temperatures while sleeping. 

As Pack and Play is made of breathable mesh and the right sleeping surface, it acts as a preventative measure against SIDS. 

· Sheltered enclosure always:

Pack and Play is lightweight, easy to assemble and can be set up anywhere. So, whether you are doing your laundry, running any other errand in the house or simply desire to keep your baby in sight, Pack and Play can give the desired closeness minus the trouble. As the area of Pack and Play is elevated, it is safe and sound to contain your baby while you do what you must. 

Never use extra blankets, stuffed toys or mattresses that didn’t come with the product. Though the assembly is easy peasy, ensure you do not leave any loose hangings.

How to pick a Pack and Play?

Pack and Play is reasonably cheaper as compared to a crib. As you cannot put a newborn in a crib, keep below-listed things in mind before you buy Pack and Play:

  • There is a myriad range of models available. Each offers a set of unique features. Some Pack and Play come with a changing table, while others come with a bassinet and storage. A few models also render swings and bounces along with soothing music that boosts the sleeping experience.

Depending on your budget, narrow down on the features and then a model. Ensure to check pack n play reviews of the model you like before you make the final purchase.

  • Most packs are light. If you are someone who takes frequent trips to grandma or for work, consider the weight factor. 

That’s it! You are all set to ace the initial journey as a parent! If you want the best for your little angels, investing in a pack and play is the first step!