The Lost Art of How To Shine Shoes

Shine Shoes

Have you been curious about how to shine shoes? Shining shoes was a staple in American history during the 20th century but has since become a lost art.

Shining shoes can become a lengthy endeavor. There are many techniques you can use when it comes to shining shoes. It really depends if you want your shoes to be cleaned up a bit or have a military-style mirror shine to them.

If you’ve been curious about how to shine shoes, you’re in luck because, in this article, we are going over the best tips to shine your shoes.

What is Shoe Shining?

Shoe shining is the process of giving your shoes –mostly dress shoes – good cleaning, polish, or wax. The shoe of choice that many decide to shine are leather dress shoes.

These shoes can last a lifetime when cared for properly. This is why shining shoes is such an important aspect to protect the shoes.

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Essential Shoe Shining Supplies

To get the best shine your shoes can have, you’ll need to have the right supplies. Let’s go over the supplies you’ll need to shine your shoes the right way.

1. Shoe Polish – You can choose a wax-based or cream-based polish.

2. Clean Rag – Use this rag to rid any excess polish from your shoe when done.

3. Buffing Brush – Use this brush to prep your shoe before the polishing process.

4. Welt Brush – The welt brush is to rid any debris in the welt strip.

5. Water – This is to gain that mirror-like spit shine once the process has finished.

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How to Shine Shoes

The First step is getting the shoe as clean as possible. Start by prepping your shoe. Take the laces off and fill your shoe with paper or plastic bags to give them shape. Use your clean rag to wipe off any dirt or debris. Then you’ll want to use your buffing brush until your shoe is nice and clean.

Don’t forget to use your welt brush to rid the welt strip of any debris. Next, take your polishing cloth and apply your shoe polish. Apply this to your shoe and cover your shoe with a generous amount and rub the polish in circles to cover any scratches or scuffs.

After you’ve applied the wax, take your clean rag, and get rid of any excess polish. The last step is to apply water and work the water around the entire shoe to get your finishing spit shine.

Caring For Your Shoes

Like anything else in your closet, it’s best to make sure you are caring for your shoes regularly. Some prefer to shine shoes before each use. But, if you only bring your shoes out every once in a great while, you’ll want to take them out at least once a week for a good shining.

If left unpolished for too long, your shoes will eventually lose their gloss and be prone to damage and cracking.

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