Should I Cover My RV For Winter? (RV Cover for Winter)

RV For Winter

Winter is coming and you are sad that your RV cannot be used anymore. Now it’s time to wrap up some good memories and the vehicle as well. But is it good to cover the RV for winter? It is a dilemma as covering RV requires a lot of investment. 

But you can do that for your beloved vehicle. We are going to end all your dilemma about covering RV today. So every time you cover your RV and get a fresh start in summer again.

What Will Happen If You Leave Your RV Unprotected In Winter?

No matter how cold it is in your place but the sun is always damaging because of the UV rays. Sun may not shine but the UV ray is always there. So the UV rays will damage your RV when it is sitting under the sun all day.

When there is heavy snowfall there will be snow all over the vehicle. And then as warm weather approaches the snow will melt as water and cause a backup on the roof.

It may not seem so but the snow, rain, and sleet do affect the RV and may cause leaks in it. So, it’s better to invest in an RV cover for winter so that can protect your vehicle from those harmful elements of nature.

Do not forget the dirt that will build upon the RV and then cause black streaks all over.

Last but not least your paint and fun graphics that were on your RV will crack and look horrible.

What Does An RV Cover Do?

RV covers are specially made to protect the vehicle from UV rays. So when you uncover it in the summer it’s going to be as great as you kept last time.

When the RV is covered with an RV cover the interior temperature does not reach more than 81 degrees F. Lower interior and exterior temperature make sure the RV works great.

Rain and snow cannot harm your RV anymore and it will not be leaky as well.

The black streaks that are caused by rain and snow will not be an issue when you cover it.

When it’s finally time to ride the RV you do not have to invest a fortune on washing and repairing.

RV cover protects the vehicle and does not even let a streak on it. When you want to sell your RV it will have a lot more resale value than normal.

Some Tips To Prepare Your RV For Winter With An RV Cover

First thing first, drain the water system. When it is winter any amount of water in the plumbing system can cause damage. The fittings and lines can break and it will take a lot to fix that.

Check the exterior if there are any leaks or broken parts that need to be fixed.

Choose a perfect spot to keep the RV in the winter. A place where it’s less windy and does not have the risk of tree in case of the storm is the perfect place for storing the RV.

Disconnect batteries from the RV and store it in a cool but not too cold place. Check the batteries every 6 weeks and charge it.

Do not just cover the RV and forget about it. Check on it a few weeks apart. If there is any storm check it when the weather is better. If you find anything wrong fixing it immediately will be better than waiting for the winter to be over.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous RV covers in the market to choose from. Choose one and cover your valuable RV. Before you do, make sure you do a thorough check up on the vehicle to make sure it’s alright. Other than that you will feel the RV cover didn’t work.