How to Wear Necklaces With Style and Confidence


As of 2020, the American jewelry industry is worth over $29 billion and is growing at a steady rate. This makes sense considering that accessorizing is an important way to show off your style and add a little flair to any of your favorite outfits!

If you’re someone who loves to spice up your wardrobe by wearing jewelry, necklaces are likely an essential part of your daily life. Still, you’re likely wondering how you can create new styles and look unique when wearing them. Here, we’re going to talk about how to wear necklaces with style and confidence so that you can look fabulous for any occasion!

Browse for a Bit

If you’re looking to get some new necklaces to add some extra pizzaz to your jewelry drawer, you’ll want to look at the various options available to you. A lot of this can be done online. Visit your favorite retailers and Etsy shops to browse styles in the colors and shapes that you prefer. If you’re not sure where to start, check out this favorite supplier of wholesale chains!

Bookmark the pages of the items that you love most. If you want, you can add them to your cart while on these pages. This doesn’t mean that you need to buy them- you can always remove them! It’s just a great way to keep track of all your potential purchases.

You can also shop in stores near you. Department stores are awesome, but you don’t want to limit yourself to mainstream pieces! Grab a friend and make your way to a cool thrift, antique, or handmade accessory store.

Size Things Up

Okay, so you own a bunch of necklaces and want to figure out how to best wear them. Great! The first thing you’ll need to do is consider the outfit that you’ll be wearing them with and determine what size of necklace will best go with them.

If you’re dressing professionally to go to work or a meeting, a small piece may be the perfect thing for you. A string of small beads is perfect for these occasions because it’s stylish while still being subtle. You can pack a powerful punch with simple beaded stones in garnet, aquamarine, and citrine. There are so many semiprecious gemstones that you’ll be able to find something in any color you want!

Larger statement necklaces are perfect for a night out with your friends or a first date. Statement necklaces are enormous pieces that fall over most of your collar and neck. They’re intended to be the first place that the eye goes and to stand out above the rest of your attire. Try one of these when you want to feel flashy and funky.

Express Your Charm

If you remember the 90s and early 2000s, charm necklaces were probably a huge part of your childhood. There was nothing quite like heading into Clare’s and picking the perfect small charm to string on a chain and wear to school. Feeling nostalgic yet?

Well, luckily, 2020’s here to indulge that nostalgia. That’s right- charm necklaces are back in style!

Granted, you probably don’t want to wear the same bulky painted charms that you loved when you were 8. There are, however, more mature styles on the market that you’re sure to love.

Many women choose to get a charm made with one of the semiprecious gemstones we discussed earlier. These come in many shapes including spheres, hearts, ovals, and teardrops. You can get them polished or coarse and set in any kind of metal. The possibilities are limitless!

If you want something a bit different, consider getting a small metal charm in the shape of something significant to you. Loved your semester abroad in Paris? A tiny Eiffel Tower will do nicely. Have a cat that owns your heart? Why not get a cat charm that’s the same breed as them? Just make it something meaningful!

Necklace Lengths

You can wear necklaces in many different lengths. The length that you choose should depend on the type of collar that your shirt has. Make sure that, if you’re wearing a v-neck blouse, your necklace sits right above the collar. Charm necklaces on simple chains are a great choice for these outfits because they bring the chain down into a v-shape to match your neckline.

However, those wearing scoop-neck dresses and shirts likely will want either a choker or a long necklace. Medium-length charm necklaces will hang down under your collar and become invisible. On the other hand, chokers are a huge trend right now and frame your neck in the same way that a scoop neckline will a few inches beneath it.

Long necklaces, especially beaded strands, look wonderful with virtually all outfits. They’re perfect for all occasions whether they’re professional, casual, or formal. Strings of gems make you look sophisticated and elegant.

Beyond How to Wear Necklaces

While choosing and styling accessories can be a challenge, matching the right necklace to your outfit and figuring out how to wear it properly is fun and exciting.

Now that you know how to wear necklaces in a stylish and confident way, it’s time to get some more insight into current fashion and accessory trends. Check out the ‘lifestyle’ tab on our home page to find articles about some of the coolest current styles on the market. You can also look under the ‘celebrity’ tab to see some necklaces that your favorite celebs are rocking this year.