How to Select Pictures for Your Photo book

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Creating the best photo book possible can be a daunting challenge. The hardest part might be selecting the photos to include in your photobook.

Many people abandon their photobook projects completely when they are unable to select the right photos. However, selecting pictures does not have to be so difficult.

The following tips should help you select the best pictures for your best photo book

Print the Photos Immediately

If you want to know which photos you should include in your book, you should print the photos you take as soon as you can. Therefore, you will be able to see what they look like on paper and what they might look like in your book.

Printing photos as early as possible will help you avoid the backlog of pictures you will have if you don’t do it. You should never let procrastination stop you from choosing the photos and printing them.

You may take thousands of photos but only print a few dozen. Therefore, printing the photos will also help you narrow down which ones you want.

Choose a Theme

The easiest way to choose pictures for a photobook is to first come up with a theme. Then you can choose whichever photos match the theme of the book.

A theme is what allows your photo book to tell a story. For example, if you choose your infant as the theme of the photobook, then you can easily choose pictures to showcase the baby’s growth.

Choose Pictures with Focus

The last thing you want in your photo book is fuzzy pictures. The clearer a picture is, the better it tells a story.

Therefore, if you want the best pictures for your photobook, choose those that have great focus. There is no substitute for clarity in photobook pictures, so you should remove any picture that is even slightly blurred.

Remove Photos with Distracting Objects

It can be very challenging to take pictures without any unnecessary objects or distractions. However, for photos in your photobook, there is no place for such objects.

If you have any photos with objects that do not belong, you should either blur or remove them. Otherwise, they will distract the reader from the message that you are trying to deliver.

Therefore, check your photos diligently before approving of them. Even an object in the corner of a photo that does not belong can have a great impact on the picture.

Choose a Perspective

Each photo is taken from a certain perspective. When choosing photos for your photobook, you should view each picture from your perspective and that of the reader.

Choose the pictures with the perspective that portrays the image that you want to send. If it does not, you should remove it from the pile.

Go With Your Gut

There is much to be said about going with your gut feeling. When it comes to choosing photos for your photobook, you should always go with your gut.

If you are having trouble selecting or removing a picture, follow your gut feeling, and you should have no problem with selecting the right photo for your photobook.