5 Tips on Choosing the Best Criminal Defence Lawyer


Your choice of a criminal defence lawyer can make or break your chances of beating charges against you. When you find yourself facing serious criminal accusations, you need to hire the best attorney to take your case. These five tips will guide you to one of the most competent and knowledgeable of Gold Coast criminal lawyers to represent you today.

1. Experience with the Local Courts

You do not want to bank the outcome of your case on a lawyer who has never before argued in your local courts. Instead, you need to locate one who has years of experience representing clients in the criminal courts in your area. This experience is vital if you want to invest in an attorney who is confident and skilled at appearing before the judge assigned to your case.

Your attorney’s experience also affords him or her the knowledge of whom to contact in the court about your case. Your lawyer will be familiar with not only the judge but also the court’s clerk, bailiff and court reporter. These contacts can be helpful in getting your case heard in a timely manner and securing records and information that your lawyer may need on which to build a solid defence.

2. Experience with Similar Cases

You also need to hire a lawyer who has handled cases like yours. If you hire an attorney who has never before represented a client in your predicament, you could lose in court and face jail time, fines and other punishments.

Before you put a lawyer on retainer, you need to ask if he or she has ever handled a case like yours and find out what the outcome of it was. You need your attorney to know the statutes involved with your situation and how to use the criminal laws for your case to your advantage.

3. High Win Record

It should go without saying that it would be ideal for you to retain an attorney with more wins to his or her credit than losses. Who wants to go into court with an attorney with a steep loss record?

It would not be out of the question for you to ask upfront for the attorney’s win-loss record before you pay a retainer fee or sign a representation contract. You not only can ask for the win-loss records; you can also ask for documented proof that the lawyer has more wins than losses when representing clients in your legal predicament. Hiring an attorney with a high win record could better your chances of beating the charges against you so that you can go free and get back on with your life.

4. Enthusiasm

The enthusiasm that your lawyer shows in representing you can foreshadow your chances in court. If the attorney that you vet is tepid about your case or displays worry or doubt, you should exit the consultation and look elsewhere for representation.

You need a lawyer who is enthusiastic about representing you and eager to get you off the proverbial hook. Your lawyer’s eagerness will serve as motivation for him or her to work diligently on your case and find every advantage to present a solid argument and sway the judge or jury to your favor.

You can gauge your attorney’s enthusiasm not only in how he or she answers your questions during the consultation but also by how fast he or she responds to your emails and phone calls. Prompt answers display concern and eagerness to serve and assist you. Slow answers or no answers at all can signify that your attorney does not feel invested in your case or the desire to help you win in court.

5. Good References

Finally, you want to hire an attorney who has good references from other clients. You can ask for a list of references from the lawyer during your initial meeting.

You can also look online to find out what other clients have to say about this legal professional. Good references can indicate that you could get the outcome that you want from your case.

These five tips can lead you to Gold Coast defence attorneys who are capable of defending you successfully in court. You may win your case and get back your freedom.