How To Choose Bathtub And Shower Faucet?

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A bath or a shower both are relaxing for the body after a long day. But selecting the best bathtub and shower faucet for a bathroom is more stressful than the relaxation a bathtub brings. There are overwhelming options in the market in different shapes, materials, and features of bathtub and shower faucets. You cannot even change these things if you do not like the final look. All you can do is research and select the best. And we are here to help you with selecting your desired one.


Whether you are buying a bathtub or a shower faucet material is the first thing that should come in your mind. For bathtubs, you get the option of plastic, enameled steel, cast iron, and cast polymer. All these materials are unique in their ways and come with their pros and cons. plastic tubs are light and keep the water warm for a long time. Cast iron tubs are heavier but do not chip easily. So do your research on the material before you select it?

For shower faucets, go for the expensive option like brass. Other cheap options like aluminum, iron, or copper will not be bad but it may not last for years. 


There are so many options for shower faucets and bathtubs to choose from. There is an alcove tub, freestanding tub, and soaking tubs. Alcove tubs are installed by adjusting to three walls, freestanding tubs are stand-alone and the soaking tubs are for the bathers who love to submerge into the water. Choose your desired one according to your taste and ease of installation.

For shower faucets, there are two types of it. These are two different styles that you need to decide if it goes with your bathroom. One is positioned above the drain and the other is going to rest on a surface when you are not using it. The latter is the modern style that comes with a showerhead that is better for mobility. 


Will my tub be comfortable? This is the first thing we ask before buying a bathtub. To understand this, you have to climb into the tub and see yourself if it is comfortable or not. 

As far as shower faucet is concerned the functions of it makes it comfortable. You should see if the water pressure is according to your preference. Check if it is thermostatic. There are so many fancy shower faucets out there. What matters most is the way it works. 

Is the weight of the bathtub a problem?

Yes, it can be a problem if you live in an apartment. An empty plastic bathtub weighs only 50 pounds more or less. On the other hand, a cast-iron bathtub weighs 1000 pounds empty. So it is better if you know the capacity of your floor before buying a giant bathtub of your liking. 

How much is the budget for bathtubs or shower faucets?

For the bathtub, it all depends on the size, material, and feature of your bathtub. It can start from $300 to more than $3000. The cheapest option is fiberglass which can cost from $300 to $500. The better the material the pricier it gets. 

For shower faucets, it again depends on the material. If you want to save your money then go for aluminum and steel made ones. Or brass materials make the best shower faucet that will not be dripping in a couple of years.

Final Thoughts

It takes a lot of brainstorming to remodel or model a new bathroom. I Hope, we could help you a little bit in this process.