5 Tips To Remodel Your Home On A Low Budget

5 Tips To Remodel Your Home On A Low Budget

Many people yearn to have enough time and budget to remodel their home. From redoing their kitchen to adding a Wall Bed, the possibilities for changing the look and feel of a home is almost limitless. The one major constraint, however, is budget. Below are a few helpful tips on how you can remodel on a budget.


Install new switchplate covers. These are usually the white covers on switches and electrical outlets. You can switch it over to a new basic white cover which costs about $1 at any home improvement store and they’re very easy to install. Changing an old faded switch plate to a new, clean white cover will make it look much nicer. For the kitchen, you can use a light switch plate that is stainless steel. There are options for decorative and patterned covers available online as well.

Changing your doorknobs, hinges, and handles is an expensive finishing touch that makes a huge difference. This is something that’s very easy and quick to do. And if you’re changing hardware, why not get new ones for your cabinets as well?


When it comes to improving the lighting in your home, you should check to see that the type of lighting is appropriate for the area. You want to choose soft bulbs that produce red/yellow undertones in areas where people hang out like the living room. Go for bulbs that are bright and emit blue undertones in areas where you work such as a home office or library.

Get new blinds or curtains for the windows. Wood blinds are a nice way to boost the aesthetic of your home – much more than vinyl blinds. As a bonus, wood blinds are more durable and last longer even if you have kids or pets at home.


Rearranging your furniture is the quickest and cheapest way to give your home a new look. You can create new shapes and reorganize the flow of living space. You can also add a new color to a room by using slipcovers to give your furniture a new color or pattern.

For homes that are a little bare, you can put up personal touches on the wall using art or photographs. For a cheaper option, you can change the frames of your existing photographs.

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Buy small decorative pieces to fill your home. These include mini-lanterns, new coffee table books, artsy coasters, etc. You can also use plants both indoor and outdoor to add in a new level of freshness to space. If you already own plants, you can get new ceramic pots for an elevated look.


Another cheap way to change up the look of a room is to paint the wall or change the wallpaper. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for any home. Go for a matte finish if you’ve previously had a glossy finish before. If you had wallpapers in the past, rip them all off and use paint this time instead.

When it comes to painting, never forget to include your ceiling. Some people prefer soft neutral colors on their walls and then painting their ceilings with a bold color. You can go for simple white walls with a bright yellow ceiling.


As the final piece of the puzzle, spend the time to tune up your furnace and clean ventilation shafts. Doing these things might not be part of the “remodeling” process but it helps your home become more functional and efficient. Burning candles and incense or using an air freshener can lend your place with a new scent, helping you to enjoy the new atmosphere even more.

And finally, swap out your kitchen rugs, bath rugs, and doormats for something new. And along the lines of switching, include in that list your shower curtain.