Why You Should Try Physiotherapy for Back Pain

Physiotherapy for Back Pain

Over one million back injuries are caused while in the workplace. Back injuries are also the top cause of work-related-disability in America.

Have you ever wonder how physiotherapy for back pain can help you? If you have chronic back pain or suffer from work-related injuries like many Americans, you may want to consider physiotherapy for back pain. Learn more about this treatment to see if it can help your back pain.

What Is Physiotherapy?

You might be asking: what is physiotherapy exactly? Physiotherapy helps restore movement in an injured part of the patient’s body. This can also apply to someone who is physically disabled.

A physiotherapist helps people with illness, disability, and injury by providing education, advice, manual therapy, movement, and exercise.

Will a Physiotherapist Treat My Back Pain?

The short answer is yes. A physiotherapist will treat you for back pain. Physiotherapists will tailor your recovery plan.

For more information regarding physiotherapy and treatment for your back pain, please contact this physiotherapist.

Reasons to See a Physiotherapist for Back Pain

Back pain shouldn’t be taken lightly. It may be caused by serious injury or disability. There are many reasons why you should visit a physiotherapist while seeking treatment.


The cost of a physiotherapy appointment ranges from $95.00 an hour to $120 an hour. The one-on-one session treatment should include administrative time, treatment plan, and preparation.


There are many benefits to visiting a physiotherapist for your back pain. In the early stages, you may be told to stay active rather than confined to bed rest. Your level of activity will increase following your treatment plan.


Your therapist might ask you to do activities. Swimming and walking can help improve your back pain. Low impact exercises such as these can prove to benefit your back and help you in your recovery process.

Techniques a physiotherapist may tell you to try could be aqua therapy or hydrotherapy. These are just to name a few.

Physiotherapy Exercises

Walking and swimming are low impact exercises. But, there are other exercises a physiotherapist may add to your treatment plan. Yoga and physiotherapy may prove to be beneficial for your back pain.

A few yoga poses you can practice include, the cobra pose, cat and cow pose, and bridges. You should not practice yoga if your back pain is severe.

Physiotherapy Results

The results of your physiotherapy treatment depend on your treatment plan. A 2018 study says exercise alone, or with education showed moderate-quality that it is effective for preventing lower back pain.

Education is also an excellent way for patients to understand their back pain and symptoms. There are many things that can cause general back pain. You could have a work-related injury or exercise-related injury.

Injuries that can cause back pain include sprains or traumatic injuries. There are many disabilities that can contribute to back pain. Spina bifida and arthritis are a few possible contributing factors.

Physiotherapy for Back Pain

The benefits of physiotherapy for back pain are numerous. Activities you can try to relieve your back pain are swimming and walking. You can try yoga if you are looking for a different way to manage your back pain.

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