What to expect from hair transplantation treatments?

What to expect from hair transplantation treatments

Like good health and youth, there are so many people who take there looks for granted. Therefore, for many people hair transplant is a surgery that will help them to get their looks back. It is scientifically proven that hair transplant is good for hair harmony and you.

If you are also a person who thinning and balding bothers, then you should go and consult a hair surgeon. This will help you in building your self-confidence back to track.

But always remember that before going for a surgery you should always consult the doctor.

What is a hair transplant?

A hair transplant is treatment or a surgical process in which a surgeon will transplant your hairs from the donor site to bald areas.

It is usually a surgery to fill the bald areas of the scalp. This is a surgery that was first done in 1950 and overtime doctors have developed new techniques also. Let’s discuss them:


There are usually two types of hair transplant surgery i.e., FUSS and FUT. Let’s discuss them both:

  1. FUSS (Follicular Unit Strip Surgery):

STEP 1:First of all, the surgeon will clean your head and will sterilize the instruments properly for the surgery.

STEP 2:After that, they will prepare anesthesia for the patient and will inject it into their scalp. This is a medicine to numb the scalp so that the patient does not feel any pain.

STEP 3:After that, your doctor will choose one of the two surgery: FUSS (Follicular Unit Strip Surgery) or FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation).

STEP 4:In the FUSS surgery, the doctor will remove a 6 to 10-inch strip of scalp from back of your head. After that, the surgeon and the team divide that strip into a smaller unit known as grafts.

STEP 5:Next, the surgeon will transplant these grafts on the bald portion of the patient’s scalp. Therefore, the hair transplant cost for this surgery will depend on the number of grafts, the color of hair, quality and size.

STEP 6:As soon as the grafts get transplanted on the head the surgeon covers it with a bandage. After that he/she will prescribe you medicines according to your health.

  • FUE (Follicular Unit Transplantation):

First, three steps of the surgery are going to remain the same throughout.

STEP 4:FUE surgery is better than FUSS. Let’s discuss about. In FUE, the doctor will shave your hair from the back of the scalp or ears.

STEP 5:After that he/she will make tiny holes on the bald area of your head. Then the shaved hair will be incised.

STEP 6:As soon as the incision is complete. The doctor covers it with stitches which are then followed by the bandage.

These are the steps for FUE and FUSS surgeries. The doctor will select one of the two depending upon the quality, length, and color of your hair.


  • After the surgery, your scalp may be tender. So the doctor will recommend you some medicines. You will have to take these medicines properly according to the surgeon.
  • You have to cover your scalp with bandages for 2 to 4 days after the surgery.
  • All the antibiotics and anti-inflammatories prescribed by the surgeon to you should be taken from time to time.
  • Most of the people return back to work after 2 to 5 days of surgery. Before returning back to work you should always ask your surgeon whether you are able to or not.
  • Within 2 to 3 weeks after the surgery, the transplanted hair will fall off. There is no need to worry it is natural, you will see new growth within a few months.
  • Most people will see new hair growth in 6-9 months. Whereas some exceptions are there, some see growth after 12 months. The growth depends on the type of hair you are having.

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  1. First of all, we will talk about the hair transplant cost. According to the surgeon, the hair transplant cost is between $ 4000 and $ 15,000.
  2. The cost further depends on the type of surgery done, type of hair, quality of hair, color and length of the hair.
  3. There are so many insurance companies that will not help you in hair transplant surgeries. But there are a few that will give you financial help for hair transplant cost.


There are very fewer chances of risk because hair transplant is a surgical process having no pain at all. But in some cases, complications can be seen. Whereas taking proper care will help in good hair harmony and you.

If people do not take care of themselves problems such as bleeding, edema and pain can occur. To solve this problem, people have to take regular medicines according to the prescription of the doctor. If a serious problem is cause then you should and consult your doctor once.This is all about hair transplants. Always talk to your doctor before and after surgery. He/she can help you decide what the best option for you is.