3 Important Bodyweight Training To Get Fit In 8 Minutes

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What’s trending? Bodyweight exercises!

Getting into the mainstream as back as 2017, bodyweight exercises are today’s number 2 top trending workout technique according to the American College of Sports College.

The idea is to tap into all the benefits of exercising the body without the use of training equipment.

By simply creatively using your own body’s weight resistance to gravity as explained under the next 5 sub-headers, you can;

  • Get in shape
  • Build muscles
  • Boost your immune system
  • Improve both blood and air circulation
  • Overcome breathing problems
  • And more…

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Pushups And Diamond Pushups

If done right frequently, pushup is a full-body exercise designed to evenly build the entire body muscles. Though the major areas of concentration are your biceps, triceps, and chest, a routined round of pushups everyday will expand the muscles around your legs and even ramp up your stamina. But while pushup is all about pushing against the gravitational force by facing downward with your palms pushing against the ground and relaxing, you can take it a step higher into diamond pushups. Though there’s not so much of a difference between the two, a diamond pushup is done by bringing the palms close together,as they face the ground, and forming a diamond shape by bringing your two opposite index fingers and thumbs together.

Plank And Waking Plank

There are more than 47 types of plank bodyweight exercises to learn. But you may just want to start with the basics. Before going into the process, know that the major reason for planking is to engage over 20 muscles in the body which include glutes, shoulders, legs, back, and arms to mention but a few.

To get in position, take a tabletop posture by kneeling on your mat with your hands positioned below your shoulders. After that, raise your knees off the ground, resting all your body weight on your toes and hands which are the only part of you on the ground right now. Finally, adjust your body to be straight from head to toe and stay in that position for 1-3-minutes depending on you.

For a walking plank, once in a plank position as illustrated above, stand up by gradually moving or crawling your hands to touch your toes before raising them up. Then return back to the regular plank position by gradually moving or crawling your hands, after touching your toes with them, into the position they were on the ground before.

One Leg Squats And Jump Squats

Squatting is essentially used to workout the legs. But to make it more effective and more directional as per the part of the legs that you want to focus on, varities of squat exercises have been created of which I am highlighting the two most effective for 100% leg strength development.

Squat number one, one leg squats. This is quite simple but demanding. Simply stand on one leg, bend your knee towards the ground but without reaching it, push your body weight forward, and return back to standing on both legs. Switch to the other leg and repeat.

Jump squats, on the other hand, are fun but tasking at the same time. Start by keeping your legs apart and squating in a fashion that your knees form a 90° each. Stretch your hands right in front of you and jump. Repeat.