The Ways On How To Cheer Up Your Adrenaline


There are various sports and tricks that people engage in for pleasure. They may range from volcano boarding to limbo skating. As noted by, most of these kinds of activities are very dangerous. You should not attempt to do them at home.

Bike Polo

For you to take part in the bike polo, all you need here is a bicycle. It is a rough sport that requires enough practice. You also need to be more courageous to attempt it. How do people play the game? The game has two polo teams, which compete against each other. When one is using the end of the mallets, the aim is to hit the ball into the other team/opponent’s goal. There is also a type of Bike polo that has more difficulty. Instead of playing the game on the field, the players use tarmac gravel as their field. In the game, when you want to abandon it, all you have to do is ride out of the pitch. The rules do not allow you to step down. The game is not an extreme sport, but it can also get very nasty. If you think that you have the interest to take part in the game, put effort into your balance.


Many people think that the game died long ago, together with medieval banquets, fair maidens, and knights. People still play this game. The game is not people with faint hearts. What does jousting entail? Two competitors dress in heavy armor from the head to the toes. They then climb on horsebacks. When the competitors are ready, they charge at each other. They use a wooden lance, usually 11-foot long. While on the horses, they can come to high speeds of approximately 48kph. The brutality comes about when you try knocking your opponent from their horses. You use the aid of the lance to knock off the opponent. There has been a rise in these events throughout the world. The rise cuts across New Zealand to California in the United States of America. These events have a lot of supporters. New Zealand hosts the Harcourt Park World Invitational Jousting Tournament. The event draws about 10,000 people across the world. The Florida event draws about 4,500 people.

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The sport began as training drills in Europe about 400 years back. It was to help the soldiers when carrying out calvary combat on the battlefields. Now it is a popular sport that entertains many. The game used to attract the aristocrats and the nobility in the United Kingdom at that time. One memorable event was the one King Henry II became blinded in a single eye. It was a gruesome one. The sport is an official activity in one of the states in the United States of America, Maryland. It was created in the year 1962.

Volcano boarding

The formation of the most active volcano in the world was in the year 1850. Since then, the volcano has erupted for 23 times. Would you walk next to it? Daring people will opt to take photographs while positioned at a safe distance. Some do not consider the safe distance convenient for them. They would want to ride down the active volcano on the wooden board, which is thin. They wear goggles and overalls that are thin. The boarders race down the volcano at speeds reaching 80kph. The suitable location for boarders is Cerro Negro, Nicaragua’s mountain slopes. It is approximately 1600 feet and more. One can find the mountain in Central America outside León. Other individuals surf down the slopes while standing. Others prefer sitting on the boards as they sledge down the slope. An Israeli woman set the speed record for boarding down the mountain. The record was at 54mph, approximately 86kph. It is up to you, get your gears, and try this dare-devil activity.

Limbo Skating

What do you make when you combine two very dangerous activities? Limbo skating is a very extreme sport. Limbo dancers take part in competitive tournaments. Limbo skating is a new sport. The sport takes the aspects of limbo dancing then introduces skates to it. Rohan K.A is the world’s record holder in limbo skating. He is from India. The man can skate horizontally in a position where his whole body is 8 inches off the ground. Traveling a distance of 38m under 20 vehicles, he holds the Guinness World Record. A total of 11 inches. The man does regular practices about 4 hours daily. The training assists him in keeping fit and is ready for limbo skating.

Nettle Eating

Here, the competition organizers serve the participants with stinging nettles that are tasty. The food piles to about 2 ft. There is no other known contest apart from the one at Dorset in England. The competition occurs every year. The food has health benefits as they have anti-inflammatory characteristics. It may be of large benefit to male individuals who take part in the competition. It improves prostate health in men. The rest of the competitors should not worry. You have the bragging rights and get the trophy. All you have to do is consume the nettles without falling sick or excessively drooling.

Boosting the adrenaline requires you to take part in some of these extreme sports. You never know what you are going to experience in the field. Always give it a shot when you are in a position to participate in one. Above all, your safety should be the priority. Take care and be safe.