7 Factors to Consider When Choosing Dentists for Families


Are you trying to find the perfect dentist for your family? If so, you know how hard it can be.

You need someone you can depend on, someone who will be gentle with the kids, keep your teeth healthy and clean, and who is a professional in every sense of the word. But, with so many dentists in the world, it can be overwhelming to know what you should be looking for when choosing dentists.

If you’re in the market for a new family dentist, keep reading to find seven factors to consider—with the tips below, you’ll be able to find a great dentist before you know it.

1. When Choosing Dentists, Read Reviews First

Reading references and reviews is one of the best ways to make sure a potential dentist will be good for you and your family.

If you think online reviews are important, you’re not alone—93% of consumers say online reviews have an impact on their decision to make a purchase.

Look for reviews from parents talking about their experience with the dentist. Is the dentist someone who is patient, understanding, and kid-friendly? These are all important things to look for.

In addition to reading reviews, you may want to ask friends or other parents from school if they can recommend a local dentist they like.

2. Consider Location and Travel Time

Let’s face it—no child particularly likes going to the dentist. One way to make the experience easier is by looking for a dentist who is close to home and easy to access.

If your child is dreading the dentist, adding a long car ride into the mix is only going to give them more time to feel anxious. If you need help easing fear when it comes to going to the dentist, it can help to paint the visit as a positive experience, explaining how the dentist can keep teeth and gums healthy and is a friendly, kind person.

Finding a local dentist can help ease stress, but it can also be handy in case of an emergency. Should you or your child have a dental emergency, like a broken tooth, you need to be able to get into the dentist’s office quickly.

Also check what hours the dentist is open, and whether or not they have an emergency after-hours service.

3. Look for Family Dentists Who Fit Your Budget

Whenever you’re shopping around for a new medical service, like a dentist, you’ll need to consider your budget. Prices for dental services can vary greatly, so you may need to spend time comparing dental fees.

Not all dentists are upfront with their pricing online, so you may need to make some phone calls to get an idea of prices for common procedures, like regular cleanings and cavity fillings.

4. Check Out Qualifications and Experience

Not all dentists are created equal, so look into the qualifications and experience of your potential dentist. Ideally, you want someone who went to a well-known dental college and someone with years of experience when it comes to working with kids.

An experienced dentist will have learned, over the years, plenty of ways to work well with children and help them feel calm, safe, and confident in the dental chair.

5. Do They See Patients as Individuals?

When it comes to your dentist, you want to be seen as a person, not a number. Dental care is personalized and you don’t want to select a dentist who only cares about profit and getting as many people as possible through the doors.

This is something you should look out for on your first visit, but you can also get a feel for the dentist’s attitude and ethics by reading their reviews.

If you feel rushed or uncared for, it may be best to switch to another dentist. Your dental care is vital to your overall health, and you need a dentist who takes the time to listen to your concerns and answer your questions.

6. Make Sure They Offer a Wide Range of Services

Your new dentist should be qualified and capable of handling all aspects of your dental care and oral health issues, including check-ups, fillings, and also more complex procedures like root canals.

Another service to look for is help with teeth grinding, as it’s a common issue that affects both children and adults.

Many children also require braces or orthodontics, so look for a dentist who either offers this service or can refer you to a great, kid-friendly orthodontist.

7. Consider Your Insurance Coverage

Does your medical insurance cover dental care? If so, take the time to read and understand the fine print when it comes to exactly what is and isn’t covered.

Often, you’ll still be responsible for a co-pay, but the bulk of the cost may be covered by insurance. Look for a dentist who accepts your insurance, as out-of-pocket dental care can quickly become very expensive for a family.

Find the Perfect Dentist to Care for Your Family

As you can see, there are quite a few considerations when it comes to choosing dentists. If you’re trying to find a new dentist for your family, use the tips above when doing your research to help you find just the right person.

It’s worth taking the time to find the ideal dentist, as they will become the person who looks after the oral health of your family for years to come. Dental care is vital to staying healthy and looking after our teeth, so regular check-ups should be on the agenda for every family.

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