Management of Menopausal Symptoms in Florida

Menopausal Symptoms

Perimenopause and menopause are responsible for hormonal changes that cause disruptions to a woman’s symptoms. Contemporary Women’s Care houses gynecologists that provide expert menopause management to improve your wellness and health.

As you approach menopause in Winter Park, you can trust Contemporary Women’s Care to help you navigate through.

What is Menopause?

Menopause happens when the female body ceases to release eggs each month as her period also stops. You should not receive menopause negatively, as it signals the end of your reproductive years and start of your unlimited freedom to explore sex on a different level.

During the period leading to menopause, the production of progesterone and estrogen slows down. One symptom of the onset of menopause is irregular periods. If you miss your periods for twelve consecutive months, you have officially reached the glorious menopausal stage.

When Does Menopause Occur?

Women are different and experience menopause at different ages. Some women reach menopause at thirty or as late as sixty while most women each menopause officially between forty-eight and fifty-five years.

There is no relation between your first period and menopausal age. Your age for menopause is not influenced by your height, race, oral contraceptives, or the number of children you’ve had.

Signs of Menopause

Hormonal changes of menopause are responsible for a variety of symptoms and a unique experience for each woman. Most common symptoms of menopause include:

·    Weight gain

·    Hot flashes

·    Loss of libido

·    Night sweats

·    Sleep disruptions

·    Vaginal dryness

·    Anxiety and depression

·    Mood disruptions

If you feel that your wellness and health are in jeopardy in addition to the symptoms highlighted above, book an appointment at Contemporary Women’s Care today.

Management of Menopause

Empathetic and experienced physicians at Contemporary Women’s Care offer personalized menopause management therapies and treatments to alleviate your symptoms.

You commence with a consultation and exam, including blood tests assessing your hormone levels and checking for other conditions that may cause related symptoms.

Your doctor suggests lifestyle modifications to help you cope with physical changes of menopause affecting your health. Adjusting your exercise plan helps you manage mood and weight while reducing your vulnerability to osteoporosis.

Your treatment plan includes replacing declining hormones to reduce your menopausal symptoms through a highly customized treatment plan.

Other Services Offered at Contemporary Women’s Care

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Why Should I Visit Contemporary Women’s Care?

·    The portal gives you a secure 24/7 access to health records, education material, and addresses questions concerning your health and well being

·    Contemporary Women’s Care delivers care for women through board-certified OB/GYNs that are dedicated to upholding your general health and well being

·    The offices are modern and well equipped to uphold your comfort before, during, and after the treatment

·    You are granted a highly customized treatment plan targeting specific symptoms with advanced equipment and medical practices

·    You can benefit from the flexible payment options accommodating all patients

Bottom Line

Contemporary Women’s Care delivers quality care for women before and after the attainment of menopause. If menopause is affecting your quality of life, call or use the online booking tool to learn more about menopause and available management of menopausal symptoms.