Is Your Child Suffering From Scoliosis? Approach the Neuro & Spine Surgeons in India

Is Your Child Suffering From Scoliosis


Scoliosis is a growing issue in children. Two in every ten children has scoliosis, and moreover, the cause is unknown. If it is detected during childhood, it is easily curable. The child does not have to undergo any surgery to get the cure.

Most of the time, the necessary healing of pediatric surgery is possible using bracing, therapy, and medications. The doctor observes the patient for eleven months if the sideways curve is constant and does not fluctuate, then there are chances that the condition of the patient may improve with bracing.

On the contrary, if during the eleven months of pregnancy, the curve in the patient keeps on increasing; the doctor recommends the scoliosis surgery to the patient.

If you are in search of successful treatment without complications for your child, then you must plan for the Scoliosis Surgery in India.

Why is it Recommended to Plan For the Scoliosis Surgery of the Child Before he Attains Puberty?

The body of a child is under development until he attains puberty, and the same applies to the spine. The reshaping of the spine is easy when it is still under the growth period. Once it is fully grown and left untreated, there are chances that the curve increases more than 100 degrees, that leads to worsening of the condition of the patient.

In extreme cases of the increase of sideways curve, scoliosis can lead to unbearable pain. Also, sometimes, the patient suffers difficulty in breathing.

So, it is always suggested to avail the treatment of the child before puberty — the success rate of scoliosis surgery us higher in children than that of adults.

Also, the complications post-surgery are least if the surgery is done in the right age. Though, even the adults do not have to face any significant consequences or side-effects after the surgery if they undertake the treatment in India.

It is because one can receive Best Scoliosis Treatment in India, that too at minimum prices. The proper treatment of the child who has scoliosis also depends on the parents. Along with doctors, they must also observe their children regularly.

Parents and teachers, watch the children regularly, and they are the ones who can notice the change in the first place.

As any change in the scoliosis patient is visible. If the treatment is already going on, you must visit the doctor at the earliest as you notice the tilt increasing. If you have not visited the doctor yet, it’s high time, do not delay, or your child can face severe respiratory issues.

Final Words:

The success of spine surgery depends on several factors like the surgeon performing the surgery, location of scoliosis, spinal maturity, the medical situation of the patient, age, and other factors too.

However, the doctors in India have expertise in treating all the disorders. So, why are you making your child suffer? Plan for your medical tourism immediately. In case you require any help, you can approach some of the best medical tourism companies in the country, and they will make all the necessary arrangements.