How to Treat Prostate Cancer – Surgery and Treatment in India?


Prostate cancer is one of the most common types of cancer that is found in men. Often in a country like India, several hospitals stand out in the treatment. But the best happens to be RGCIRC. Providing the best oncological care and cancer treatment options, you can expect some extensive care and recovery options to bring you all back to good shape.

What is prostate cancer?

Prostate cancer is nothing but cancer that occurs in the prostate gland. A small nut shaped gland that helps in the secretion of sperm and helps in the transportation of the sperm. Often held as the primary cause of cancer in men, prostate cancer is usually confined in the prostate gland where there is no serious harm. Thus, several treatment options are available for its overall treatment. All of which are enlisted below.

Surgery and treatment in India

Often, before any treatment option can be advised, there is an examination conducted. Few of the best prostate cancer doctors in India often do these two tests.

  • Digital rectal examination.
  • Prostate-specific antigen test.

Hence, the above-given tests give doctors the necessary information about the determination of the stage of cancer and help in advising the appropriate treatment.

Diagnosing of prostate cancer

Often, if the above-given methods are found to be inconclusive, then there are other methods through which you can determine prostate cancer. Few of the best prostate cancer doctors don’t take any second chances in the successful determination of prostate cancer and conduct these tests to be sure.

  • Ultrasound of the prostate region.
  • Sample collection of the prostate tissue or biopsy of the prostate gland.
  • MRI.

Progression of prostate cancer

Before you can advise any treatment option, you must know the progression of the overall condition. Such that there are different ways in which it can achieve.

  • Positron emission tomography scan.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging.
  • Bone scan.
  • Ultrasound.
  • Computerized tomography scan.

All of the above-given tests are based on the diagnosis that your doctor might have done on you. Such that any one of these tests might be performed on you.

Treatment options

There are different treatment options available for different stages of prostate cancer. If the cancer is at a lower stage, then medication and regular checkup would be enough. Check this resource about best CBD oil for cancer. But then routine screening and checkups would be required.

Under these scans, if there are signs of progression of cancer, then prostate cancer surgery would be required to eliminate the threat of spreading onto different glands. Hence, its highly likely that if you get yourself checked at a later stage, then surgery would be required.


Prostate cancer surgery involves the overall removal of the prostate gland and the surrounding lymph nodes around the organ. Hence, even in surgery, there are different types involved.

  • Assistance from a robot for prostate cancer surgery.
  • Small incision made into your abdomen to remove your prostate.

Radiation therapy

Radiation is often neglected because it can cause an immense amount of harm and destruction to the other organs as well. Hence if cancer has reached an extremal stage, then there are two ways it is done.

  • Radiation from an external source.
  • Radiation from an internal source or brachytherapy.

Hormone therapy

The overall treatment option includes the reduction of male hormones or testosterone. Often prostate cancer cells require testosterone to help them grow. Hence, the various ways in which this treatment is possible are as follows.

  • Through medications to reduce the secretion of testosterone.
  • Medications for blocking testosterone from reaching cancer cells.
  • Surgery.

Hence, all the above-given treatment options can be advised only when a doctor does a thorough inspection and diagnosis of cancer in your body. Therefore, if you wish to know more, then consult your nearest doctor to know more about prostate cancer. All the best.