Health advantages After Stopping Smoking


Nobody can dare underestimate the benefits of quitting smoking. You will feel changes in a couple of days while improving the condition of your body structures such as the lungs and heart. Even so, these results will differ among individuals. Some people try to quit smoking by using vape as an alternative for few days like disposable vape pen Canada and then quit completely.

What To Expect In The First 3 Months After Smoking Cessation

Within the first three months of stopping to smoke, you should expect the following:

  • Reduction in Blood Pressure: Due to the nicotine content in Tobacco that produces chemicals such as carbon monoxide, which speed up the pulse rate, causing an increase in your blood pressure. Similar reactions result from vaping using ecigar fluids containing nicotine. When you quit smoking, you will notice instant effects upon inhalation. However, upon dropping smoking, your heart rate begins returning to normal and it normalizes within 20 minutes. Accordingly, your blood pressure and heart rate will reduce and propel hemoglobin levels to get to normal levels within twelve hours.
  • Better scent and taste: Your sense of smell and taste also improves upon quitting smoking. You will feel realize the change after 48 hours and the changes will progress for the next couple of weeks. Cigars affect your nasal nerve receptors and taste buds alike. Essentially, when the substances from the cigarette smoke interact with warm air, they flatten one’s taste buds and lower vascularity that is crucial for nerve responses. The vascular constraint ruins your ability to smell. Luckily, if you stop smoking, you will begin noticing more scents and flavors more strongly.
  • Less withdrawal symptoms: most smokers dread experiencing withdrawal symptom when quitting. They do not know that it takes three days of not smoking for nicotine to exit their systems. You will then experience a myriad of withdrawal symptoms including restlessness, insomnia, fatigue, migraines and tensions. Even so, when stop smoking your brain receptors will notice and accept the lack of nicotine in a month’s time. Hence, your nervous system will resume normalcy and those ugly symptoms will begin fading away over the following month. Now you will begin learning the techniques of living without the smoke. Hence, you must learn better strategies of coping with your stress, lowering your appetite and socializing. Remember, after withdrawing, you will experience psychological cravings for nicotine. Never mistake the latter with withdrawal signs.
  • Better lung function: The condition of your lung while at the verge of quitting determines the changes that your liver functionality will experience. Ideally, your bronchial sensitivity will subside as much as you keep off from vapes. Then, in two to three months as you quit dipping, you will manage to undertake all daily duties including transporting groceries without feeling drained. This happens because your cilia (fingerlike projections in the lung) will start growing again and begin the filtration role of tracheae and lungs well. In return, your body will fight off respiratory infections like colds.


Note that smoking essentially flattens your cilia thus paralyzing them and making you vulnerable to lung injuries and infections. Then, the reproduction of your cilia does not equate to an automatic disappearance of symptoms. Instead, it can trigger cough outbreak, which often turns out being distressing. With the cilia driving toxins out of your respiratory tract, it causes the toxins to accumulate in certain parts thus leading to severe coughing. Even so, you can expect coughing to subside and end completely after two months.

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