Guide to Keeping Kratom Fresh


If you’re looking for a natural product that can help reduce your pain or anxiety, look no further than Kratom. Although the product has incredible benefits, the storage to keep kratom fresh is one thing you must learn how to deal with. Storing Kratom strains the right way helps in preserving its freshness and effectiveness.

Studies suggest that when Kratom has not stored the right way, it eventually loses its potency. Therefore, as a rule, you must ensure that you keep strains properly. The importance of keeping kratom fresh is well described by New Treatments having high-quality kratom. Besides, if you’re using freshly grounded kratom leaves, you need to ensure that you use them within the first 1-3 months of delivery.

For your Kratom to avoid losing its potency, you must store it in proper containers to keep fresh. The highlighted tips below will help keep your Kratom in the freshest conditions possible.

What are some of the Storage Enemies of Kratom Freshness?

When storing Kratom strains at home, you might want to avoid these things to ensure that your products’ alkaloid ability is not affected.

1. Oxygen

From your typical chemistry class, you can recall that oxygen is an oxidation ingredient. Although in metals, oxidation results in rust, vitamins, and foods can also oxidize, leading to an awful smell or making them less effective on the body.

In Kratom, oxidation leads to the degradation of the organic substance. Once harvested, Kratom is susceptible to environmental changes. Therefore, you need to limit the changes by keeping the oxygen level to your storage containers’ required levels.

2. UV Light

Direct exposure of Kratom strains to the sunlight’s UV rays can result in the veins losing its potency and freshness. This is due to the light affecting the bonds that make up the Kratom leaves.

Although Kratom can withstand a certain level of you, you need to be mindful of how much sunlight your stored Kratom is getting. For maximum storage, you need to look for dark-colored jars or tins, which will help in slowing down the deterioration process.

3. Humidity

Although Kratom should be stored in a cool, humid place, the primary issue to avoid here’s a fluctuation in temperature. Note that Kratom strains degrade very quickly when shifted from one end of the weather to another. Hence, to avoid this issue, store your Kratom a cool place without temperature fluctuations.

4. Strong Odors

Keeping your strain in a refrigerator is one of the most viable options. However, you need to be wary that powerful odors affect Kratom taste. Kratom’s sharp and bitter taste isn’t what many fancies and having another taste added on to it.

Tips for Storing Kratom to Keep it Fresh

Here’re some of the storage tip ideas you might want to implement if you’re going to store your Kratom for daily or long-term use.

1. Store your Kratom Strain in a Sealed Container

Undoubtedly, storing your strain a sealed container preserves its effectiveness and potency. A drop of water in a powder mix may create an environment that promotes the growth of mold. And if molds start growing on your Kratom, it invites bacteria; hence, you will have to discard it. Therefore, the best way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to keep your veins in a sealed and airtight container.

2. Store your Kratom in a Light-blocking Container

As mentioned before, UV lights oxidize kratom that ultimately destroys its freshness. Therefore, you’ll want to store the strains in a container that can block light.

3. Store as Tea

If you love Kratom tea, then using Kratom powder to make Kratom tea can be your lasting solution. Although Kratom tea can only stay in a refrigerator for a week, freezing can help keep it fresh for a long time. Even more, preparing a large batch of tea can save you much prepping time.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a seasoned Kratom user or a newbie, getting the most of the product is all you crave. Thus, maintaining its quality and longevity is critical, and to achieve that, you need to consider the factors discussed above.