Every Doctor Using Lybrate These Days: Increase Patients & Brand Name


Over the years, technology has played a critical role in transforming healthcare services in India. As the understanding of what is telemedicine imbibes patients worldwide, India has effectively tapped the potential of technology via apps like Lybrate.

As India’s patient to doctor ratio lagged far behind the WHO standard, these technological innovations can help bridge the gap by reaching out to patients throughout the country.

  • As per a survey, India’s doctor to patient ratio in the allopathic sector stood at 1:1700 approximately, far lower than WHO’s standard of 1:1400.

Effect Of Telemedicine In The Indian Healthcare Industry

Significant investments in health-tech start-ups in India in the past few years have increased the prominence of telemedicine. They are also expected to help save on the available resources, thus providing efficient healthcare.

  • In 2018, total investments in health-tech start-ups rose by 45.06%.
  • According to a report, India can save up to $10 billion by the year 2025 if telemedicine replaces 30% to 40% of inpatient consultations.

While telemedicine continues to change the healthcare landscape of India, Lybrate for doctors has become one of the top 10 most innovative companies in the sector. Its effective implementation of telemedicine has helped more and more doctors reach out to patients.

Take a look at other essential details about Lybrate that has also helped Indians understand the concept of what is telemedicine.

Lybrate And Its Benefits

Accessibility Via Smartphone

With the increased penetration of technology, smartphones are among the commonest devices with the widest reach to Indian masses. Understanding what is telemedicine thus becomes easier with Lybrate, an app that can be accessed at any time via mobile devices.

From booking appointments to elaborate consultations, reaching out to doctors is simplified with Lybrate after the emergence of smartphones in healthcare. On the flip side, doctors can provide the necessary healthcare services remotely at their convenience. While increasing accessibility, Lybrate for doctors also saves valuable time.

Simplified Consultations

Integration of modern technology with the healthcare sector has helped transform the conventional consultations between doctors and patients.

While patients reach out to specialist doctors, they can conveniently create appointments and confirm consultations. Patients can receive notifications of such confirmations along with date and time of consultation via SMS. Plus, patients have easy access to prescriptions and can refer to it at any time during their treatment.

Increased Visibility Of Doctors’ Availability

It also helps increase the visibility of doctors to patients. Practitioners registered with the platform can send out a message of their availability to patients via options like consultation cards attached with prescriptions, standees or posters that are self-explanatory, emails, etc.

Lybrate for doctors thus allows them to reach out to more and more patients, thus helping them grow their practice. 

Exposure To Patients Beyond The Usual Location Of The Practice

When offering physical consultation, doctors are subject to a locational limit beyond which it is difficult to reach out to patients. Lybrate, however, eliminates these boundaries, allowing doctors to provide healthcare consultation to patients located anywhere in the world. It thus also helps tap the benefits of options like medical tourism.

Transformed Delivery Of Healthcare Services

Lybrate has also helped transform the delivery of healthcare services, bringing a paradigm shift to conventional medical practice. Along with consultations, doctors can also schedule follow-ups online, without any need for physical visitations.

They can share lab reports and make adjustments to medicine dosage as and when required. It also allows them to allocate more time for patients in-person. Its functional efficiency thus encompasses the meaning of what is telemedicine.

Enhanced Reputation Via Knowledge Sharing

Along with improved healthcare services, Lybrate also helps grow the medical practice via an avenue for sharing knowledge to a broader reader base. Doctors can share their knowledge regarding healthy living and medicine via a dedicated ‘Health Feed’ feature.

Frequent sharing of health tips and other essential information helps them gain recognition from patients. Not to mention, it helps build a reputation over time.

Lybrate has thus not only successfully transcended the limitations of physical healthcare services but also accurately defined what is telemedicine. The online platform thus continues to gain popularity among both doctors and patients across the nation.

  • Since its launch in 2014, Lybrate has witnessed substantial growth with over 90,000 doctors from different specialities using it.
  • It has also seen approximately 2 million downloads, with over 5,00,000 daily visitors.

As Lybrate continues to help expand healthcare practice, doctors can take additional initiatives to improve their physical practice as well. Like, they can opt for the installation of advanced equipment, appoint skilled staff, introduce innovative services with the clinic, etc.

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A balanced approach to physical practice as well as through online platforms like Lybrate can help doctors serve more and more patients. Strengthening their healthcare centres with advanced treatment and diagnosis will also enable them to provide improved services on platforms like Lybrate.

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