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The Prime Heart and Vascular Center deals with dangerous cardiovascular conditions; Dr. Rishin Shah, a renowned cardiologist, has an experience of over ten years. The center provides a safe, compassionate, and welcoming environment to all its patients.  Patients get the best services as the center takes them as a part of the family. Teamwork, empathy, enthusiasm, and hospitality are the core values that enable the center to offer the best services to the patients. Dr. Shah provides an explanation of all aspects of procedures, conditions, and treatments, thus enhancing a very conducive environment for his patients.

Dr. Rishin Shah, MD, has mastered and accumulated knowledge regarding cardiovascular conditions that affect people of all ages. Through his expertise, the doctor advises his clientele and everyone that the best way to deal with cardiovascular diseases is prevention. Dr. Shah serves individuals in and around Dallas, Texas; his approach to treatment is patient-based and, as such, grants the patient time to explain their condition and how they are feeling before coming up with the right diagnosis.

Services Offered

Prime heart and Vascular Center offers a variety of services to their customers. Some of the services include help for:

Chest pains

Experiencing chest pains can be excruciating and stressful and, in most times, can indicate an underlying health condition. As such, it’s vital to get checked fast; Dr. Shah is highly qualified and diligent at diagnosing heart problems.

Atrial Fibrillation

The condition can be life-threatening and requires immediate attention. It occurs when the two chambers of the heart beat at disjointed speeds. Dr. Shah is available and ready to perform the life-saving surgery.

Varicose Veins

These are protruding veins that are usually found in the legs and tend to cause a burning sensation. These veins have to be removed to increase efficiency; the procedure requires a qualified cardiologist.

Other services present at the center are:

  • Vein Treatment
  • Stress Testing
  • Peripheral Artery Disease
  • Heart Attack, and more

Why choose us:

~As a client in need of the best service in and around Dallas, Texas, Dr. Shah guarantees you the top of the line service with a dedicated staff that will guarantee you the best outcome possible.

~State of the art technology, which guarantees the patient access to technological diagnosis and treatment.

~Family care and compassion from the time you walk into our center until you get well

Be part of the broad and growing successful patients’ stories.

Don’t hold back any longer; heart and vascular conditions require immediate response and personalized, qualified care.  You are guaranteed to get this and much more when you join Prime Heart and Vascular Center in Dallas, Texas. Make a call today or book an appointment online and seek the best service that you need. Let Dr. Shah handle your case today, and you won’t regret it.