7 Best Baby Safety Products Every New Parent Needs

Baby Safety Products

Did you know that at least 50,000 children are hospitalized every year? Worse still, a child dies every hour from injuries, which often occur at home. If you’re a new parent, there are baby safety products that you should consider to increase your baby’s safety. 

You need to baby proof the house as most homes have hidden dangers that can pose a risk to your young ones. The baby safety products you need will depend on the actual features in your home. 

Here are some of the products you can consider to child-proof your home; 

1. Baby Safety Gates 

Baby safety gates are arguably the most popular types of baby safety products. They are a must-have in any home where the young ones have become mobile. The gates will keep your baby out of places or rooms that aren’t safe such as the top of stairs.

When shopping for safety gates, prioritize the ones that your kids can’t dislodge easily. However, it should be easy to open. The safety gates you use for the stairs should screw to the wall.

Ensure that the safety gates you purchase have met all the safety standards. What’s more, get safety gates with smaller spaces to reduce the chances of having your child entrapping their neck and head.

2. Baby Breathing Monitor 

Parents often get anxious about the health of their babies, especially when it comes to breathing. Baby breathing monitors are perfect safety gadgets, especially for newborns. Placing the monitor near your baby will alert you in case the baby’s breathing pattern is unusual. 

Newborns tend to struggle with their breathing patterns. Parents can be worried since the pathways are relatively small and can obstruct easily. If the breathing issue is inconsistent, the best baby safety product to consider is the baby breathing monitor. 

The monitor alerts parents or caregivers when the baby isn’t breathing well. It also sounds an alarm if it doesn’t detect breathing. 

3. Safety Locks and Latches

In your pursuit to make your home safe for your baby, consider the locks and safety latches for the cabinets, drawers for the bathroom, and kitchen, among other areas that babies can reach. Baby safety cabinet locks prevent your kids from gaining access to dangerous things such as knives, household cleaners, cigarette lighters, and medicine. Even with proper packaging, ensure that these items are away from children’s reach.

You might want to invest in sturdy locks and latches that can withstand pulls and tugs from your little ones. However, they should be easy to install and use for adults. Safety locks are some of the baby safety products that you shouldn’t miss in the rooms you have cabinets.  

Better still, you can have some areas of the house locked. It will save you from the frustration of trying to figure out if the locks are strong enough for your baby’s exploring hand. 

4. Door Knob Covers

Doorknob covers prevent children from entering potentially dangerous rooms. You can have the doorknob covers for spaces such as the bathroom and other areas where you have stored items that can injure a child.

The doorknob cover should be strong enough. However, an adult should be in a position to open the door in case of an emergency. Ensure that you get covers that complement your home’s designs.

5. Anti-Scald Devices 

About 95% of childhood scalds or burns take place at home. In most of these instances, the patient hardly anticipates the situation. You need to invest in baby safety products such as the anti-scald devices and a baby safety kit if your baby suffers from a burn or scald.  

The anti-scald devices are usually for showerheads and faucets. They regulate water temperature, which can be a great way to save your young ones from scalding. Have these devices in some of the possible rooms that your baby might enter, such as the kitchen.

While at it, don’t leave the baby unattended, especially if you don’t have a lockable kitchen. In a few seconds, a toddler will have touched almost everything as part of the exploration. Hot liquids or open flames can cause hazardous accidents.  

6. Edge Bumpers 

Your TV cabinet or coffee table has edges that you might have never noticed. They are harmful until you have a baby cruising everywhere. Toddlers will run around and hang onto the furniture, which puts them at risk. Edge bumpers are a great way to ensure that your little one doesn’t get hurt by the sharp edges.

The cushioned edges protect your baby’s head from knocks and bumps. You can get any design and color that complements the existing design in your home. While these babyproofing items offer the ideal protection for your jumpy toddler, they might make a piece of furniture to be less appealing. 

It is crucial to consider bumpers that will remain secure on the edges. Moving pieces might be more of a health concern as babies can remove and swallow depending on the size. 

7. Electrical Outlet Covers

Power outlets can be a hazard for your little explorer. As such, the power outlet covers are a priority for parents looking for baby safety products. The covers prevent babies from touching and playing with sockets, which can lead to electrocution. 

Babies will most likely try to remove the cover; choose a sturdy one. The covers should hold firmly to ensure that babies cannot pull it out. The last thing you’d want is dealing with choking in an attempt to address plausible electrical issues!

Most Baby Safety Products Are a Must-Have for Many Families

Your house might seem safe until you have a baby crawling everywhere! With a toddler, almost everything is a potential hazard. You need to have several baby safety products to be confident that your home is safe for your little one. 

From safety gates to doorknobs, the safety additions you need to have in your home vary. You can check each space to assess how safe it is for your baby. If there are any loopholes, consider having the right baby safety equipment for your kids’ increased security.

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