How to Make Money With Alchemy in World of Warcraft


Amid lockdown, due to COVID-19 pandemic, the sales of online games have soared up in many countries. Households are getting more engaged in social media activities and many have started getting addicted to cash-earning apps. There is a surge of everything that is available online including Here, in this article, we will share some valuable information on how to make some extra gold in the retro game World of Warcraft.

Making gold in World of Warcraft is traditionally easier with some professions than with others. Luckily for the alchemist, he can craft an arsenal of useful raid items that will bring in plenty of gold at the auction houses in any of his home cities.

Level Alchemy to 450

Leveling alchemy all the way to 450 is a necessary evil for any player who wants to use the skill for its full moneymaking potential. If a player chooses herbalism as his second primary skill, the leveling process becomes much easier. Rather than purchasing the herbs necessary to make the concoctions necessary to level up, a player can pick them himself and save money.

Learn the Server Economy and Scan the Auction House

Learning how to properly evaluate the WoW economy on any given server is a vital skill for any player who wishes to use his crafting profession to make extra gold. The server economy is the amount that WoW players on a given server are willing to pay for certain items.

Scanning the Auction House may sound simple at first, but after a bit of practice will become second nature. A player should begin by doing the following:

  • Look up the prices for every item he or she is able to craft using alchemy. Evaluate the materials necessary to make the given potion, flask or elixir.
  • Look up the prices of the materials.
  • Purchase the materials to craft alchemical items that will provide a high-profit margin once the given item sells. For example, a potion sells for 10 gold for a stack of five. The materials needed to make five potions cost 5 gold on the auction house. The alchemist may then purchase the materials for 5 gold, sell the stack of potions for 10 gold, and make a considerable profit from the sale.

Extra Tips for Making Gold Using Alchemy

  • Ignore flasks. The vast majority of flasks will require an alchemist to use an herb known as a Frost Lotus. Frost Lotuses are extremely rare. Because of this, a problem that often emerges is that the cost of the Frost Lotus on the auction house is greater than the cost of the finished product. This leaves a player with no profit.
  • Make an alt for auctioning. An alt character whose entire purpose is to handle a player’s auctioning material can keep his or her auctions private. When attempting to make extra gold the last thing a player wants to deal with is his guild members seeing his auctioning and pleading that the items be transferred from the auction house to the guild bank.
  • Pick up herbalism. It is a quick and easy skill to level and is extremely beneficial to alchemists who wish to use the craft for the betterment of their own character instead of just to make money. Having a character will a maxed out herbalism skill will allow an alchemist to pick each Frost Lotus for free, rather than buying them off the auction house.
  • Focus on low-level potions and elixirs. Believe it or not, these often sell much quicker than higher-level items due to less competition. Although the prices are cheaper, the profit margin is often higher – resulting in more gold for the player.

Alchemy is a fun and rewarding profession that enables each player to not only create items that will benefit himself and his friends, but also bring in extra cash. The benefit of alchemy over some other professions is that – although a WoW alchemist is unable to create epic items – he can quickly amass the gold necessary to purchase them. Players will need to purchase his goods repeatedly, thus providing him with a never-ending stream of revenue.

Gaming and Skill Growth

The days of World of Warcraft, Super Mario, Pam Man and other such retro games have revived in this Coronavirus crisis period. Many are worried that too much online activities may have a negative impact on younger generations and children, but one of the latest health bulletins reveals the pros part of it. The study finds playing such challenging games improve the planning and problem-solving skills of gamers in their lives.

Researchers believe video games may improve scientific reasoning in most of the gamers and this is highly possible in multiplayer games where strategies are openly discussed. It is said the informal scientific reasoning practices are learned easily by playing online multiplayer games.

However, it is advised parental involvement is important to narrow down the negative effects of playing online video games.

The recommendation is more for such parents who have teens at home. The age group between 13 and 19 becomes easily vulnerable to the environment and sometimes gaming may disrupt their psychology. Even though their reasoning skill improves but may take a hike in the wrong direction in real life. Hence, guidance to have a stable mindset is important for teenagers.


The pandemic situation is not permanent. It will end up one day and thereafter we need to get back to our regular routine. Hence, experts suggest to avoid getting addicted to video games. Slight gaming along with other daily activities is quite enough. Anything more may become dangerous in life. Anything extreme may lead to worst.

It is worth quoting a common saying here that “gaming platforms are places where pebbles are polished and diamonds are deemed.” It has been frequently studied that mediocre students rise high in life if gaming is an important part in their lifestyle as they gain in improved reasoning power. They are able to take decisions after judging correctly what is right and what is not.