12 Interesting and Fun facts about Delicious Cakes


We all love cakes and make sure that they are a part of our celebration. They are the sweetest desserts that are almost part of every anniversaries, weddings, and birthday. It has become very common for all of us to send cakes to Canada to our beloved. But do we know anything about these delicious little pies that where they came from and many other things attached to it? So, we will be telling you a lot about cakes so that the next time you order cake, then you should know what you are doing.

In the beginning, the cakes were baked, but with time there have been a lot of modifications in it. Some of them are meringues, custards, and pies. Baking cakes have been an amazing art since the very beginning of the times. This yummy delicious cakes date back to the 8th century and have so many customs attached to it. Also, the National Cake Day is celebrated on the 26th of November. For more such interesting facts related to cake, keep reading the article.

Fun and Interesting Facts

  1. From kaka to cake

We have seen that terminology is taken from two languages only; they are Greek and Sanskrit. But cake has taken its name from the German language. It originated from the German word “kaka” that then was reformed in English and pronounced as “cake’.

  • Back to Basics

It was in the 8th century that Roman initiated the concept of cakes. At those times, they had very simple designs and used fruits to give flavors. The simple bread was used, and honey was used as a sweetener.

  • Birthdays and Cakes

We have been seeing that cakes and birthdays have been going hand in hand. Previously it was believed that on birthday cakes are offered to Goddess of the Moon, and candles are blown because the smoke gets carried away to heaven. Although, this belief was not followed, the tradition has evolved with time and is followed till now.

  • The Cake from the Forests

Black Forest cake originated from Germany and is also known as Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte. It is believed that this cake got its name from the traditional costume of the women of Black Forests, which is a mountain range in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg in southwestern Germany. Also, they say that a cafe manager named Josef Keller invented the recipe for Black Forest cake.

  • A Sweet Revenge

Yes, it is right, Red Velvet is a result of revenge taken by a young woman. They say that once there was a woman who tasted Red Velvet and was fascinated with its taste. She went to the hotel staff and asked for the recipe. But to her amazement, they asked her to pay $100 for the recipe. She got furious and paid them the money and got the recipe. As an act of revenge against the hotel for charging her so much for a single recipe, she made the recipe public within no time. There came this tasty recipe of Red Velvet Cake from.

  • Let’s Dance the Cake Style

In the southern United Kingdom, a cakewalk dance competition was started by the African-American communities. Cakewalk dance is a very graceful dance, and whoever did the best won a cake as a prize.

  • The Record-Breaking Cakes
  • The world’s tallest cake measured up to the height of 33m and was baked by Hakasima – Nilasari Culinary School for a Christmas event in Senayan City, Jakarta, Indonesia.
  • The world’s most expensive cake is the ‘Pirates Fantasy’ that costs around $35 million.
  • The largest cake was made in 2004 in Connecticut, USA and weighed up to 6.18 tonnes. It was displayed on a bridal fair.
  • The Cake Stack

As time passed, new variations came in the pastry world that brought cake stacks with it. This has become very popular in the wedding as it started with a trend. Each couple was asked to bring a layer of cake, and then it was stacked with apple butter. Higher the cake, the more the couple was popular.

  • The Ancient Cake

In Hampshire, England, there is a museum named Willis Museum, which has the oldest specimen of cake that is 113 years old. The cake is perfectly intact till now except there is a small crack that was caused by the WWII bomb blast.

  1. Good Fortune comes with Cakes

The Beltane people celebrate the Celtic festival, in which they involve lighting bonfires on hilltops and then rolling down cakes from the top. They believe that if the cake does not gets crumbled, then it is a good fortune. 

  1. Pull out Your Better Half

Some parts of the USA had this tradition of pulling out a ribbon from the cake that would have their other half’s name on it. Eventually, the couple would get married and stay together for life.

  1. The Royal Icing

Queen Victoria is to be credited for this most famous cake. For her wedding, she decided to have pure white icing on her wedding cake and hence it was later called ‘Royal Icing’.

So, there it is! We have discussed almost all the facts related to cakes and their yummy history. Like everything else, cakes have also evolved a lot except that the feelings attached to it are still the same. We still celebrate our happiness and togetherness with a piece of cake. If you are also a cake lover and have gone through this article, then now you can call yourself a cake scholar. Now order yourself a delicious, lip-smacking cake from any online cake delivery in Canada. Delight yourself with this mysterious but yummy treat on any day of your and your loved one’s life. We all are very lucky and thankful to our ancestors that we have different forms and flavors to eat. One can surely gorge on to brownies, pies, cupcakes, and many other delicious items. So, next time you involve yourself in eating this little delicacy, then think of how it all started.

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