5 Best Kratom Recipes To Avoid The Bitter Taste of Kratom


If you have ever tried one of the most well known approaches to consume kratom “kratom toss and wash” you may have immediately found that kratom’s flavor is not a desired one. Kratom’s marginally harsh taste can make it hard to eat all alone.

This is the reason numerous individuals add it to tea or different beverages to limit the flavor. Be that as it may, if you don’t want to drink tea daily or adding it to juices, there are other, progressively inventive kratom recipes you can attempt that will offer you the advantage of kratom without getting the unpleasant taste.

One concern individuals have is that adding food in kratom might affect its strength.  All things considered, there’s very little use in making it taste better in the event that it will do nothing! You’ll be glad to discover that utilizing kratom in recipes won’t weaken its effects, be that as it may, it might take somewhat longer to kick in when it’s added in food.

Applesauce Recipe

The overall standard has been the mixing of red maeng da Kratom in apple purree to improve the bitter taste. The recipe is very easy. Mix the powder into applesauce as the most straightforward approach to cause it to have a progressively mouth-watering taste.

Things Required:

  • 1 tablespoon of cinnamon 
  • 1 cup applesauce
  • 5 grams of Kratom powder

Put all the ingredients in a bowl, mix them. Place this mixture for twenty minutes in the fridge to make the taste more sweeter. Kindly take it out timely.

Chamomile and Kratom Tea

Chamomile is a well known tea that should help with rest and stomach related problems. It helps heart wellbeing and also manages glucose. Chamomile is most popular for its loosening up properties. 

To make this tea, you’re going to require – 

  • Kratom powder 
  • 500 ml of water
  • One table spoon dried chamomile flowers or chamomile tea bags.
  • Honey or other sweet product

How To Prepare?

Put the container on the oven, include water, and boil it. After boiling add kratom powder and stew it for around 15-20 minutes. Take another pot, add chamomile tea bags or flowers and strain the kratom tea. Mix both mixtures of pots. Let it steep for 5-7 minutes and add honey according to your requirement.

Juicing With Kratom

The kratom works well in combination with juices. Kratom blended in with squeezed orange is a favored recipe, and the essential method to take a daily dose. Mix all the ingredients and kratom in it.

Peppermint Honey Tea Recipe


  • 1 peppermint tea bag
  • Kratom leaves or powder
  • Honey or stevia (based on the level of sweetness required)


  • Medium-sized pot
  • Strainer/cheesecloth

First of all boil water, add tea bag and kratom powder in it. Keep it heating lightly for 20-30 minutes to soak the powder and teas. Remove the pot from the stove and strain it. Add honey to make it sweeter. If drinking water, spare it for the morning by putting it in the fridge. Share this herbal drink with friends and enjoy it.

Kratom with Yogurt

Another great Kratom recipe is mixing it with yogurt. We particularly love thick yogurt assortments for this like Greek yogurt. Flavors like lemon or coconut work particularly well to avoid the severe taste of the kratom powder. Mix your typical kratom dose with yogurt, stir it well, and enjoy. This one is particularly helpful in case you’re taking your kratom at work.