Top Finance Tips For Survival In The Twenty-First Century


To become a successful business, being a genius in handling financial matters is not necessary. Sometimes it’s enough to employ useful tips to improve financial management. Budgeting for your company, forecasting the rise or decline, and planning are needed not only for new businesses but these should be a regular practice of already running businesses as well. Here are some tips from entrepreneurs that will help you succeed in financial management.

Control your financial sector

Every company, whether new or old, needs a good vision and profit in order to make the right decisions regarding their business.

Companies are looking for better financial business management to begin this mission through a development system called ERP.

This abbreviation comes from the name Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP systems are software that combines all the data and processes of an organization into a single system.

This system creates an easily accessible platform for the integration of several departments, which allows you to automate and store accounting information.

This makes your vision consolidated in all areas of the business, optimizes your expenses, reduces the amount of rework, and helps you make decisions.

Profit does not determine the success

For a developing company, profit is not the best indicator of how things are going. In reality, this indicator can be discouraging. A new, fast-growing company will certainly eat up all the money, and it will happen very quickly. If the business is moving towards success, you will notice that your cash reserves are depleted much faster than you expected. Your income may be small, but this is good because the growth of the company itself will be intense. Instead of counting income, better monitor the dynamics of business growth, this will help to understand whether you are on the right track or not.

And at the same time, do not forget that profitability should be the main goal of your company.

Understand which indicators are important for your business.

There are various financial indicators that are universal and important for absolutely any company (for example, income, expenses, cash on hand, total profit, etc.). But we also advise you to think about unique metrics for your business and be sure to include them in your calculations.  

For example, for a company based on a subscription model, two indicators are very important: the customer’s life cycle and the cost of attracting new customers. This will help in understanding how much your customers cost, and will draw your attention to how much it costs to attract them. By tracking these two indicators, you can easily assess the benefits brought by different channels and focus on the most effective ones.

Take a closer look at your business model and communicate with industry partners, perhaps they will help determine these unique indicators. Ask yourself which metrics are unique to your industry and what to look for.

Apply for unsecured loans

Large amounts of loans with restrictive conditions can prove to be deleterious to your business. Whether you’re in a financial crisis or trying to expand operation gradually, a guide to unsecured small business loans can help you understand how loans with no collateral are good for your business in the twenty-first century.

Do not lose money due to stupid mistakes

When a lot of entrepreneurial duties are falling upon you, it is easy to accidentally make a mistake, for which you have to pay dearly. Often, businessmen do not manage receivables and enter into some additional agreements, instead of forcing customers to pay on time. The money that you get today is much more valuable than what you get in four months. The sooner the money is in the bank, the greater the benefit for you. If the period for which you should receive money from customers is extended or customers delay payment, you can enter a delay fee or charge interest on the amount. Many small businesses do not take care of this concern and as a result, lose money that might already be in the bank.

Spend a little time and properly analyze the process of your work, identify those gaps through which money flows. Try also to talk with your accountant, he will help.

Audit expenses

A company employed more than thirty people in four offices. Then it was found out that absolutely all employees filled out a timesheet at random, as a result of which they had to pay extra expenses in the amount of $ 2300 every month.

These amounts are growing, especially in small businesses. When your business expands, spending extra can be a problem, and you don’t have time to keep track of every dollar that leaves the company. But finding time is still necessary. So once a quarter, be sure to audit the costs.

Track where you spend money. Can you say with confidence that you are not spending extra money? Maybe there is some equipment or service that you don’t use and which you should refuse? How else can you cut costs? Ask yourself these questions four times a year, and this will save you thousands.

Appreciate your time

Small business owners often work with very limited budgets, which force them to do a lot on their own. However, the most valuable resource is actually their time. Entrepreneurs should always remember that you need to spend time only on the most important areas of business. For example, a business owner, who takes three hours a week to manually calculate staff costs, most likely believes that they are saving money, but in fact, they are wasting time and energy that he could invest in developing his business.

If you want to – believe it or not – but your attempts to save money and do everything yourself can actually lead to the fact that you will put a lot more money into the pipe. Technologies play an important role in business because they allow you to outsource and automate complex tasks.

Businessmen should look at the business from the outside and evaluate where they can improve the technology. And if possible, use cloud solutions or trusted consultants to solve problems.

Technology can be quite expensive. But the time and money, that they can save, justify the initial costs. You need to assess what business process could you automate and thereby free up time.

Create a system to track the dynamics of your success

What will help you simplify the financial management process? Create a system that allows you to track financial progress and motivates you to set new goals. If you do not set goals, you will miss one point on the graph of your success. Your system should include what you want to do, what you actually did, how it looks compared to the previous period and the same period last year (the last indicator will help you track seasonal fluctuations). If you want to be as successful as possible, your system must have these four key points on the chart. By evaluating these, it will be easier for you to make decisions.

This system will not only help substantiate any future financial decisions but will also allow improving the financial condition of the company every year. Businessmen should never cease improving their operations otherwise the growth of their business will stop.


It is not necessary to be a genius in the field of finance in order to achieve success in business in the twenty-first century. It is important to work to get the maximum financial benefit possible. Take the time to figure out which indicators are most relevant to your business, and how you can measure and improve them.

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