Zee5’s Fixerr – Crimes Got a New Face


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Like all time, Fixerr Web production of ZEE5 and is a super hit and very unique show. At first glance, the web series promo attracted so many people and received excellent ratings and reviews from critics.  

Fixerr is an action drama web series released on 7th October 2019 on ZEE5 originals. It was directed by Soham Ankush Bhatt and written by Sakett Sawhney. The best direction and story made it a blockbuster series.

You might be wondering what the meaning of Fixerr is. The title of this web series reveals how a Delhi ATS officer became a fixer and stood against the Mumbai mafia. The leading Character, Shabir Ahluwalia’s action, will make you a fan of him.

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If you like to watch action-thriller movies and shows, then you must watch the Fixerr on ZEE5. The added drama is making twists in the entire web series. Mind-blowing twist, suspense, super cool action, and drama makes the Fixerr web series so much exciting and worthy entertainment. Enjoy the HD quality and back to back episodes without any interruptions on ZEE5 originals.

Fixerr web series is all about the life of Police Inspector Jayveer Malik, who is attracted by the movie mafia and criminal cases. During one encounter, he kills the Gangster’s wife by mistake. Because of that, he is suspended from the Inspector post. But, still, he keeps the duty and punishes the criminals.

You have to watch Fixerr on ZEE5 to know how Jayveer Malik continues serving after suspension. The Police inspector turns into the Gangster to kill the enemies and criminals. The series is not limited to professional matters, but it also reveals the personal life of a cop and various problematic situations.  

You will surely be impressed with this unique policeman story and also watch it again and again. You can also watch the trailer before the series; it gives a visual idea about the whole story.

An OTT Platform ZEE5.com

One of the biggest suspense is how and why an honest officer turns into a gambler. When you watch the trailer, it shows that Malik accidentally shot a civilian and had to turn in the usual legal way to clear his name and reveal the persons involved in the business.

The famous celebrity Shabir Ahluwalia’s debut of Jayveer Malik is more interesting than you think. As seen in earlier shows, he played this character differently in Fixerr. He is not alone in this series, Isha Koppikar, as Jayanti Jaydev, who is the sub-inspector and companion of Malik.

Inspector Jayveer is a married person, and the name of his life partner is Kesar Malik. The role of Kesar is played by the most famous Indian actress Mahie Gill.

For the Fixerr web series, Shabir Ahluwalia pleased Ekta Kapoor and thanked him for the fantastic opportunity. He also said that he is so happy to work with the brilliant cast.