Traditional Irish Harp Vs The Modern One


Different musical instruments have significant importance in the development of the music traditions of one country. Different music instruments combine to build the one unique tradition of Ireland. This is one of the famous traditions of Ireland as compared to the other unique things. The music instruments that belong from Ireland are divided into different categories in which the most common category is the string music instrument. The same kind and the same type of music instruments have relied on the same category.

Here we will discuss the traditional music instrument which is Irish harp and we will compare the old traditional harp with the harp of this era. You will see the few differences and the enhancements that occur with the time which are in the favor of several musicians. The harp is a string instrument that belongs to the category of string instruments. Just like string instruments, some other musical instruments are an important part of the Irish tradition. The other categories include wind category and the percussion instruments. Here, you will see some of the major differences that are present in the traditional or that are present in the modern harp.

Traditional Harp Of Irish Culture

Harp is the national instrument of Ireland this is the reason that in most of the text and most of the areas you will observe that harp is linked with Ireland. The basic reason for this connection is that this instrument has special importance in Ireland. Otherwise, this is the royal instrument that you can find in the other areas also. The Irish harp is a very special design by the Irish music instrument manufacturers. With the help of high quality of wood and with the help of high quality of strings.

As this instrument is belonging from the string category so there are different numbers and the different courses of strings are attached with the body of the instrument. And these strings are an actual medium that will help the musician to play this instrument. The old-style lever harp has 22 to 36 strings that are connected with the neck of the harp. The Irish people love this instrument and they a special passion to play this instrument. The cost of this musical instrument depends on the material of the body which is the quality of the wood. And also the cost depends on the number of strings and the material of strings.

The Modern Version In Harp History

In the above paragraphs, we are discussing the old and traditional harp instruments. But with time and with some good improvements in these instruments there are many good changes are happening. In which you can see that the harp is not available only in the lever harp but this instrument is also available in the pedal form that helps and support the musicians to play this magical instrument. The size of the harp is very big and giant so that is why it is very hard to hold and difficult to carry. So for the ease of musician, the developers use the different techniques in which they connect the body of the harp with the strings. And with the help and with the strong movement of the arm and the legs in case of pedal harp the instrument will start to generate the sound. The old or the traditional harp is usually made from the wooden material but the changes with time that material is changed. You can see the latest version of the harp in the different materials like they are available in metal and also in the good quality of iron.

Oldest Instrument

The harp is considered as the oldest music instrument according to the researchers this instrument is almost 3000 BC old. And the use of this instrument is very special and very common. The old and the simple instrument Irish Flute is also the simplest instrument present in the history of the old instruments. There are some other instruments but some are vanished because of their rare usage or some technical mistakes also the instrument life is depending on the quality of the product and material. The trend of these two music instruments is increasing day by day because of their high-quality products and the increasing demand of the audience.

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